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1 Word English


This page introduces another new section for 2010. The main aim is not to try and teach English language, but rather to compliment class work with useful knowledge and understanding words as spoken by British people. It is intended for Chinese students who already have a good understanding of the language. We will also include specific American and Australian words that may be used internationally, or have different meanings entirely.

However, we are also adding an English version of our popular 10 Word Cantonese, so complete beginners know which are important words to learn first for practical usage and business visit purposes. This will assume the learner has a Chinese friend to support their learning and pronunciation. Later we will add our spoken versions for ease of use.

Main categories:

Phrases and Idioms
Advanced Sounds - like Greek letters and similar
Simple English Words
Business visit: Words and Phrases + etiquette
Swear Words

Pronunciation and Learning Guide

Unlike Chinese, English language has a different structure and method of delivery. In general, Chinese words are often grouped in two's (Sometimes singly or in three's). English is not. Instead punctuation is used to break down long sentences; or for effect!

First of all, please use phonetic (Lower case) letter sounds as default for all words you say. There are exceptions, and a few weird ones, but this generalisation will help you greatly. Therefore you should actually learn 'a, b, c = ah, bu, cu' instead of 'A, B, C'.

Many English words, especially long words are broken down into syllabels which can make learning and usage a lot easier. Long words often have standard groups of letters at the beginning, end, or both. For example: 'un' and 'dis' are common starting groups; whilst: 'able', 'tion', ing, and 'ment' are common endings. Occasionally words are entirely made of these parts only, such as 'disablement'. Learning what these special letter groups generally mean in their own right will help you greatly to learn new words.

Tones. In English, tones are only ever used for expression and exclamation. They are not normally used to differentiate between different word meaning having the same sound, which is usually accomplished by a hardly audible change in either length or emphasis of a particular letter. 'two, to and too', or 'for and four' are good examples. Your hearing will need to be totally excellent to perceive the difference when spoken correctly by a foreign native English speaker.

Numbers. To use large English numbers effectively you need to understand that they are based upon an endless progression of sets of three. This also applies to decimal numbers going smaller. By contrast this is markedly different to Chinese, which has the highest number of 10, 000. To use this system you will need to change the way your mind works.

Listen, Learn, Copy, Use, Replace, Store. Repeat the process.

Please accept that your English pronunciation is not correct, and never will be uless you pay a lot of detail to how native English speakers actually pronounce the words. I don't care if this is American or British, but you will need to constantly work on this.

When you speak to one of these people, listen to how they are saying words. Store these sounds in your brain, or even associate them with a certain individual. Now overwrite the way you currently pronounce the word, with the way they do. Store. Repeat this process again and again. Eventually your English speaking will become very good.

Problem Words:

In general, all but the most excellent Chinese speakers of English misuse the word 'the'. It is very often included when not required, and sometimes ommitted when required.

Thirty vs Thirteen
I usually ask a Chinese person the figures, so that I can understand if they mean 15 or 50, 18 or 80, etc. This is a very big problem, and also identifies them immediately as being Chinese.

Most Chinese English students have no problem with the first part 'Thir'. the ending is the most important part! Therefore you need to concentrate and say either 'Thir + T' or 'Thir + TEEEEEEEEEn'. I exaggerate for emphasis, but not by much! Listen to native English speakers and say the numbers exactly how they do. Very important!

This information is as supplied by ourselves, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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