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1 Word English
How You Can be Understood in English
British English Swear Words
Before listing all common swear words below, let's also learn about guestures. These are normally only used to give offence.

1. In China the principle guesture is to put your thumb between your index and middle finger.
2. In USA the middle finger is raised with the palm of the fist towards you.
3. Be very careful in UK, as the sign is to make a V shape using your index and middle fingers, whilst the other fingers are closed with the thumb wrapping round the other fingers. If you make this gesture with the hand held stationary, fingers upwards and palm outwards then it is the Victory salute. If you make this same gesture with the palm facing inwards then it is derogatory towards the person on the receiving end, and means 'Fuck-off'. This gesture is often made by moving the fingers backwards and forwards from the wrist joint. Chinese should be aware of this, and especially when indicating number two using only hand signals, or posing for pictures. It would be best to hold the hand still and fingers pointing across your body.

Lets move on to the common swear words...
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