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Social Observations - Schooling
The aim of this section is to give those travelling to China for the first time an insight into the lives of ordinary Chinese People

Is normally privately funded, and is a good preparation for general schooling and life in modern China. Most parents will try and place their child in a kindergarten that has English as a major subject, and especially when taught by foreign teachers

All kids are taught the basic subjects, and Mandarin is the base language, supplemented by local dialects as appropriate. At around age 11, there is an examination that basically determines the child's educational future - very similar to the West in all aspects.

Junior school is nominally 12 to 15, with years either side for excellence or remedial studies. State education does include free Junior schooling, but no more. Studies as similar to a comprehensive system, but are not determined by year's-class-groupings, as prevalent in generalised UK. Rather they are properly geared to a specific child's aptitude in each core subject = Your child sucks at Maths, then they are in the bottom class. Your child excels at English, then they are in the top class ... and for their ability, so this system can be inter-year also = a bright 13-year old can graduate Junior school (Recorded officially). Those who simply 'don't get-it' must leave at 18 = mostly language of delivery

The language of delivery will be Mandarin + occasional local dialects. There will be options in most schools for English language supported by Native English speakers. Cantonese will be normally be taught as an extra subject = after normal hours

Juniors face a very critical exam at age Circa 16, which determines if they qualify to advance to Senior School. Most children's schooldays are now 14 hours long - from 7am to 9 pm. They will also attend extra-curricular classes on Saturdays and Sunday evenings - which leaves the vast majority only 24 hours per week at home to spend with family. This is accepted practice

Now schooling gets serious, the goal being to pass Final Year examinations and qualify for the best University places. This is usually a two-year level, with ages 16 to 18. In practice, ages are usually older than 16, and up to 20

Some of this discrepancy is due to the fact that Traditional Chinese teaching methods rely solely upon 'repetition'. However, by this stage, the students also know upwards of 40, 000 Chinese characters + their local language + some English to International conversational standards; and Cantonese of course. If they come from Shanghai, then substitute Shanghainese instead, etc...

Their greatest problem; wherein lies the hopes and aspirations of their greater family - is to graduate with a top score. This opens the doors to a University education, and also to their parents bankrolling a new company for them

This is what we know as University. There is a hierarchy, and parents still pay for the best they can afford. Independent funding is acceptable, cash up front. As in UK and USA, here is a social sigma or eliteness associated with each University. Ho-Hum!

What Americans term 'An Associates Degree', and what Brit's call 'A Diploma'; is a three year course of University study in China. Most Chinese and American University graduates only hold a Diploma. In China, a Bachelor takes a minimum of 4-years to complete, usually 5-years, with a year spent studying in a Western Country

Most Chinese students will complete their Bachelor Degree aged 24

Here philosophy's change, as after Graduation, a Chinese person will consider it their duty to care for their parents. They will send their entire first wage packet home, and continue sending money home for the rest of their lives. They are now looking after their parents. Successful children will buy a new home for their parents - whilst they still struggle to make ends meet, and perhaps live in a small apartment or bedsit

The aim of both single boys and girls is to become financially independent  and self-sufficient. Boys usually plan for a life-long career, whilst girls continue working whilst looking for the best husband. A boy is also looking for the best wife. There are a few modern career girls also, as times are changing rapidly in modern China. However, most new Chinese families aim for the boy to work, and the girl to look after the house, raise children, cook, etc = a typical women's roll. The wife normally looks after household finances and savings. Later aged parents or relatives will be looked after by the family also, and they plan for this years in advance

This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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