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About Us
Dedicated to ordinary people who need a simple point of contact and local information about life in China

China Expats Limited is a Hong Kong registered company, No.1391715, registered office: 7/F., Kin On Commercial Building, 49-51 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. This is the holding company for the diverse range of products and services we supply worldwide. However, the bulk of our initiatives and Operational Headquarters are based in the Pearl River Delta of Mainland China near Hong Kong.

China Expats was founded in 2004, and was originally dedicated to offering Language Training and Sourcing services. However, the need for expansion of our role soon became evident as we were often asked to supply practicable advice for other expatriates living in China, coupled with servicing enquiries from potential tourists and Native Chinese

Mission Statement:
China Expats are dedicated to:

Image: Summer Camp 2008
China Expats Summer Camp 2009

Pictured: Dormitories, Showers and Gazebo
1. Promoting international understanding between all world peoples
2. Pursuing opportunities for Cultural Exchange
3. Providing free resources and information for anyone in need of advice

Initially most requests were at a personal and friendship level. Quite a few also came from Travel China Guide Community, whom we voluntarily edit some English text for

As many of the requests for assistance were of a similar nature:
• How do I renew my visa
• How do I get a Chinese driving licence
• What is the electricity supply / do I need to bring an adapter
• What is the food like
• What is the weather like
and so on...
So we decided to build a new website to supply ready answers to these and other questions.

We were already involved with language training, summer camps, exchange schemes and teaching locally in Guangdong. We were also offering Employability, Placements, and Gap Year options to foreigners in China.

Our other main function was to support foreign traders and help them fulfil export contracts. We understand this business intimately, and include amongst other things: our own QA on the factory floor, loading containers ourselves (Saves CBM), dealing with timings and all international paperwork required. These remain core business, which are now complimented by many other services and resources

Over the years, China Expats has grown considerably and now is best described as consisting of a collective of individuals and specialists who work together on projects and initiatives whenever there is human need of guidance. Most of our resources and advice are free of charge, such as the information found in this website.

Changes for 2009

During the first months of 2009 we completed the basic free online information resource pages. Of course, there are always things to add, but we are pleased with what we have accomplished so far. We also simplified the visa and company formation pages, and formed an alliance with ChinaBiz21, a local company specialising in visa renewal and company formation. However, we still retain the services of a trusted friend and corporate Lawyer, so we can still offer independent legal and contract advice that is totally accurate - and presented to you in English

We then added our History of China, which was a very big undertaking and took many months to research, write, and edit. There are two version: A quick guide aimed primarily at those new to Chinese history; and a more in depth look at each Empire from circa 10, 000 bc to the present day

The next item was a project Jonno had been working on for some years, 10 Word Cantonese. The noted problem is that all Cantonese phrasebooks available in the West always use a rare form of Cantonese, which is from Hong Kong, and not even many Hongkongians can speak it properly. The great need was for Mainland Cantonese presented in a very simple format. We now have 1, 000 words online for free, and this also forms part of a real-life course we offer to foreigners wishing to learn the local language. We will take this online during September 2009, if only to support our current students adequately

This January we decided to supplement our teaching here on the local streets of Foshan and ZhaoQing, with an online support blog. However, although useful at times, it did not allow us to proactively support our class sessions and language salons as we had hoped. Therefore our next step is to incorporate the excellent Moodle online teachers package, and this should have course content added by the end of August 2009. This will also result in us having space to dedicate the existing blog's to other matters better suited to the medium

During the first weeks of August we have added a section detailing Chinese instruments, and in the process have become a contributor to the excellent Wikipedia. There are about 60 instruments detailed online at the moment, and we intend to increase this number to over 100 during the coming weeks

Running in tandem with this is a new section about Chinese music: the artists of note, completed with either links or downloads. Again, there is always more content to add - but apart from adding a couple more famous people and groups + resolving 2 outstanding copyright issues so we can offer more downloads; this section is now functioning as a starter

What's Next?

Added content for Chinese TV and Film, which will have film reviews and brief bio's of very famous Chinese stars. There is a subcategory for Kung Fu, starting with Bruce Lee of course. Supplemental to another existing category, we will also try and explain Chinese TV to the uninitiated - wish us well!

We also have been contacted by a couple of our readers who have offered to add details of other destinations to our City Guides section. We look forward to expanding this in due course, as it is more of a 'rough-guide' format, detailing what is good, what is not, and how to do it in real life

E-Commerce Solutions and SEO

Working in partnership with ChinaBiz21, we have just finished developing a fully functioning e-Commerce solution ... that actually works!

Some readers may be aware that if you buy an e-Commerce package from virtually anyone - they either charge you prohibitive prices, or you spend around $1K on something that doesn't actually work properly. Then you find out their technical support is useless, or they don't understand it at all. It is actually very common!

Working closely together; Jonno from China Expats, and Norbert of China Biz 21 (Both foreigners living and working in China for many years) have spent many sleepless nights trying to sort out many bugs in .php scripts and code - and now offer an 'Out-of-the-box' solution ideally suited to most small and medium sized business's requirements. Our business solutions start from as little as $300 complimented by support and update packages.

The solution is primarily based upon the most reliable 'Zen Cart', but our upgrades and extra package options (Modules) offer exactly what you require as a small business. You also get free listing in our Business Directory - something else we have designed to actually put Buyers and Sellers in direct contact with each other. We currently support over 100, 000 Chinese and International companies, and the list is growing exponentially with direct support from ShenZhen and Guangzhou Governments

Hollywood Comes to China

We have a new cross-cultural initiative coming for 2010 which involves China Expats working closely with Steinlein Productions from Hollywood. Our aims are two-fold
1. To offer advanced courses to Chinese Film, TV, and Performance Troops under the direction of Iris Steinlein, head of one of Hollywood's most respected Studio's. Main workshops include: Film, Acting, Makeup, Modeling, Dance and Yoga, and Voice.
2. Sacred Rainbow Dance is a new initiative we will be launching in China. It is a tour which works in association with established Chinese performing arts schools, and includes: talent casting, training, and production. The show is designed to include a ménage of cultural elements from both West and East, culminating in a spectacular performance

Education and Summer Camp

We are already planning summer camp 2010 building on our past success. Next year the venue will change, but all popular course and activities will remain and we will increase the options available. The new venue will actually be under our direct control, thus allowing us far greater freedom to deliver the content we and the children want

Meanwhile our local teaching continues every day. There are no new plans to add anything major fortunately, just a few tweaks here and there. The big change will be the purpose built online portal, with its own blog, forum, messenger, reporting system, course and class framework. It is already online for admin to to add content for September + some teachers and students are already enrolled for testing purposes and advice; but there is nothing for you to see yet. The main menu will change when we are ready to publish online and you should look for 'Speak Up' in early September

To extend this, we are also interested in collaborations with teaching institutions from around the globe. Your local 'Speak Chinese Club' can also become a member. Please let us know if this interests you, as we are always looking for ways to promote international exchanges of culture - and with children, this needs to be within a safe and secure environment

Marina in Jui Jiang:

Starting next week, we commence building a new Marina complex at our chosen venue: an island in the nearby Pearl River. This project has total backing of local government and business. There is a lot of work to do, as we open for Valentine's Day (Chinese New Year 2010) but we are confident that things will come together quickly. This Marina is for ordinary Chinese people (Something that does not exist at the moment - as all are exclusive yacht clubs for the very wealthy). Our CEO Jonno is a qualified Yachtmaster, so sail and power training will feature heavily. We will also offer onshore swimming tuition in our purpose built pool. Yesterday we received an enquiry and offer of support from a Hong Kong yacht club, plus offers of co-operation from Vietnam - so word is spreading very fast!

We are very interested to hear from anyone who fancies a year in China to teach Sailboarding or Skin Diving. Is this you?

Marina in Jiang Men:

Jiangmen ( 江门 ) is a large city and regional capital situated on the Pearl River near it's entry to the South China Sea. China Expats are also involved with this luxury Marina development, shipyard, and boat factory - to be built on the coastal side of this city. Being a high-level development with serious government backing, we expect this to take several years to move from design plan to completion. However, we have been asked to project manage the yacht club and marina parts of this development. We will of course update readers of our progress.

Olive and Tomatoe Farms

A separate initiative with foreign experts sees us also developing the Chinese produce market with facilities new for 2010 with the support of local government. These include Olive Fruit and Oil, plus produce compatible with the climate in Guangdong Province, such as: Tomatoes, Capsicums, and similar crops.

Looking ahead you may have experienced just how awful the majority of Chinese wines tend to be? They are usually red and very sweet, with little body. Therefore we are also looking at introducing top quality vines with associated Chateau to make a decent and drinkable Chinese wine.

Scrap Paper and Plastic

Our final new initiative is to help source and sell scrap paper and plastic products. Our team includes both international and Chinese partners, and business is very brisk!
And that is about where we are today, and how we all got here.

But who are we?
Image: China Expats Staff Candy and SiuYing during a factory visit
Team China Expats Are:

Uncle Sam: Marina's and Projects
Yuan Wei: Director of Chinese Operations
King Leung: Marina's and Condominiums
Eason: Project Design Consultant & fully qualified Architect
Wong San: Promotion & Cultural Events
Su San: Large Projects Advisor
Candy: PA (and the person who really does all the work!)
Stephanie: Export/Import Director
Siu Ying: Negotiator (aka "The Rottweiller"), & Jonno's Wife
Fiona: Projects Director & Chinese English Teaching
Yuyi (Fish): Fully Qualified Chinese Corporate Lawyer, International Contracts Manager
Winnie: Sales and Marketing
Candy 3: Administration: Events & Entertainment
Neal: Excel Education & Summer Camps UK
Caroline: DreamScheme UK
Dave: QA in China. Technical and Engineering Consultant
Connie: Educational Teaching & Moral Standards Manager
Tatianna: Russian Language Services, International English Consultant
Olguitta: International Spanish Services, Summer Camps in Peru
Marisol: Madrid Spanish Language Services, and our Health Issues Consultant
Dan: Nepal and Region Tours, & Summer Camps
Maxwell: Anything to do with; Central and Southern Africa
Gawie: Our man in South Africa (Plus Wuxi and Shenzhen in China)
Jonno: Founder and CEO
Dave and Dawn: without whom - none of this would have ever been possible
Best Advice: Your smile is your biggest resource, use it generously :-)
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