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Business Design Services
Project and Local Design Services (December 2008)
Design Services

China Expats employ's two teams of Designers:
* Team One specialises in large Project work
* Team Two offers more personal design services

To distinguish between the two teams, lets say that Team One delivers complete Hotels; whilst Team Two can offer 3D Studio Max video walk through's of a new room your client is purchasing from your company - lets say a kitchen or bathroom for instance.

Let's begin with Team One: 
(Click here do go directly to Team Two)


Chinese Design Services usually come as a complete package, and good ones are comparable in quality to Western alternatives. You will maintain control of the design team, and should approve all aspects of the design. Once you sign to say the design is approved, then this means you have approved all aspects of the design as presented to you = simple!

In reality of course there are a lot of communications between all parties concerned, and things like exact colours, materials, finishes, and standards should be specified with examples sent to you via courier

A Typical Design Process - Hotels and Major Projects

1. You receive and approve the designs, making any alterations you deem fit during this stage
2. It is normal for these to include everything you can see, including the finish of bare walls, and cornice OEM design work, etc = everything
3. Unless specified this will not include any structural designs (Excluding temporary walling).
4. You should provide details of services, where they run unseen, and where access points should be located, especially if this could be an issue later during installation
5. Liaison with your own Project Director may be vital concerning certain aspects, such as how electricity and water can be combined in a specific location ie. bathrooms, and similar Country specific regulations. You may also wish to specify conduit locations, as some Chinese electricity runs are wired from the floor up, and all the way up to the ceiling! (Normally this is not a design issue)
6. The design will normally include a video type walk-through of the proposal, presented during final stages of design (You will already have received artistic impression design pictures)
7. The Chinese Design Team detail everything you can see, and a lot you cannot. The design includes:
* Materials, construction as applicable, detail design works,
* Sourcing - which factory will make what parts
* Timescale - which products are made or shipped first (You will probably want the floor delivered for laying before the furniture arrives)
* Factory production runs
* Container loading and International despatch
8. If you wish to use a specific manufacturers products, then you need to specify this, or they will assume you want them to do this also via their own sources

This is What You Get With China Expats

To make this process easy to manage, and adapt it better to Westerners, we offer the following package for large projects (Currently two major hotel projects in Saudi Arabia, and one in Dubai):

Stage 1: Make Your Project Come Alive
Working closely with the Project Owners, we supply Computer generated 'Walk-through' designs using applications such as video representations and AutoCad®. Other team members specialise in Draughtsman's Drawings - from simple chairs to complex Foyers, including all furniture, fittings, lighting, motifs, glass, et al

Stage 2: Lets work together
Select your quality and specification requirements, which basically means your price band. We offer a selection of manufacturers who you can visit personally. All are extremely experienced with Hotel and Luxury Projects, and have proven delivery, on time and to specification. We prefer you meet with the Workshop Manager in person, with our Designers present, so small but important technical issues can be dealt with before production begins. We can also do this on your behalf

Stage 3: See the product
We will send you product samples, so you can check things such as quality, colour, fabric, finish etc

Stage 4: Lets make it
After finalizing the design parameters, and selecting a manufacturer, we will put our own Quality Control personnel on the factory floor - thus ensuring they make exactly what you want. It also allows you to make minor technical adjustments easily

Stage 5: Pre-delivery inspection
We will inspect all goods prior to shipping, and be present when the containers are loaded (Most Important). You are also welcome to attend, or send your representative or independent QC, it is our pleasure - yes, we are that confident in our services and products!

Stage 6: Delivery
So you are used to receiving 100 containers which contain your new hotel - furniture and fittings; and a few diagrams to help you sort it all out? This is not good enough!

With our Complete Service, we will send a Project Co-ordinator to supervise logistics and installation. By working closely with your own Project Manager, the Co-ordinator can take a lot of his workload and irritating questions in his stride, freeing your own Project Manager for more important issues

Team Two - Eason Studio Design

Eason Studios are a small and gifted Team of imaginative and talented designers who specialise in small to medium sized projects. Normally they design homes for individuals who want something different. However, they also design Chinese 'Gardens' (Condominiums), and as a favour to ourselves, will design specific rooms within a dwelling for you

Several of our existing clients have used this service to provide custom video walk-through's to their potential customers. This is a great tool regarding customer satisfaction, as they can see details of what they will get in advance - and most importantly, change things that they think are not quite right - before it is installed!

Much of the process is similar to above, but scaled down, and much more personal. They will act as your agent in this instance, and design for your own products and criteria. Rates are very reasonable, but vary on a case by case instance. Needless to say, as well as rooms and homes, they also design gardens, and extra's like swimming pools and hot tub complexes

Eason Studios combines contemporary designs with more traditional cultural aspects, making each one unique. They are also keen to integrate the latest technology, and for instance, the picture below incorporates a 90 inch plasma TV which drops down from the ceiling via remote control:

Image: Eason Studios

This design is now being installed in a Chinese home (Completed November 2008), and some aspects may appear unusual to Westerners, such as the shelf/units below the screen. These were specified by their client, and are a common feature in Guangdong; as is the quintessentially cuboid design parameter.

China Expats works very closely with this company, so please contact us in first instance for more information and a quotation (Most staff primarily speak Cantonese only + a smattering of English and Mandarin). We will put you in direct contact with them by return

In Summary

Chinese design teams can be very cost-effective for your business. They do pride themselves on delivering exactly what you pay for. Alternatively, given free rein, they can produce works of multicultural design concepts that are unique and dynamic. The rest is up to you...

This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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