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Business - Office Services
Office Services (December 2008

Smaller enterprises and those looking at purchasing Chinese products for the first time are unlikely to have any Office Services apart from those supplied by your hotel. Good though these can be, you may prefer to have your own dedicated office in China?

As an Outsider, this will cost you a lot of money = Buy a Registered Representative Office plus add staff and equipment, etc. We can offer full or partial Office Services directly on either a continuous or per visit basis - and at very realistic prices!

The convenience of having your own private office, staff, and associated technology can be very cost-effective, comforting, and free you to do the business which is the life-blood of your company


Plush Offices in a prestigious location will cost you a lot of money. Chinese companies think this is essential for International Trade, and mandatory for local business. We think it is stupid and a waste of money - within reason of course! If this is what you want then we are happy to advise you, although it may be of benefit to also consider some of the options below:

The cost of premises does vary dramatically with location, and prices indicated are current for a good standard office in a new-ish building centrally located in Foshan. Prices in luxury city centre office blocks will be a lot higher, and those in rural locations a lot cheaper. Prices in Guangzhou will be higher still, whilst those of most other cities will be lower. Prices given as a a rough guide only for those with no idea how much things really cost in China

Type of Visit

Occasional Visitor
You come to China once or twice a year, usually for Trade Fairs or to visit manufacturers. You use hotel facilities and rely on factories to arrange visits and transportation for you. This works well, but can tie your time to your hosts schedule, and often leaves you alone during the evenings. As well as offering private drivers, translators and guides, China Expats can also provide a temporary office, which can act as your base for the duration of your stay in China. Prices vary depending upon location, equipment, and number od staff, but expect this to be in the region of about ¥2, 000 per week for a fully functioning office with staff and kitchen, plus computers, fax, internet etc
Please see our section on Trade Visits for full details

Regular Visitor
You come to China every 6-weeks or so, spending 10 days here each time. Staying in hotels has lost its appeal, but you are not ready to commit to renting a property in China, which usually requires a long-term contract. You would appreciate having your own office facilities and regular staff. China Expats can solve this one for you with ease. Just tell us your preferred location, together with details of number of staff and level of equipment + any special requirements. We will arrange a suite for you, with the option of a bedroom solely for your use, thus saving the cost and isolation of using hotels. Price guideline for a fully equipped office with one permanent English speaking staff is around ¥ 6, 000 per month upwards. This option is ideal if your operation requires permanent staff in China. Having a bona fid Chinese address also lets you open a Chinese bank account with ease, and offers many other benefits

Permanent Presence
If your business has grown to the extent that you need a permanent presence in China, we are happy to advise you about location, equipment and staff

Expect to pay around ¥ 2, 000 per month in wages for experienced staff with a high standard of English. It is standard practice in China for this to include free accommodation. Other Chinese and International language speakers are also available, and costs vary accordingly

Standard fees for Translators is ¥300 per day, although college students with reasonable English (Though no Trade English skills) will usually accept ¥100 per day. You will be expected to provide suitable transport and meals as necessary

Office Services Available Include:

Temporary Office
Provision of full office services for the duration of your visit to China

Foreign Office
Your own physical office in China - complete with furnished offices, staff, computers, fax and telephones

Foreign Representative
Where we act as your Company representative for a factory visit to query QA, address updated product specifications, or merely suss-out a new and potential business on your behalf

Sometimes negotiations can appear troublesome, or even stall for no apparent reason. Many Chinese, especially in smaller companies, will expect you to do business in a traditional Chinese way. This is actually quite complicated and strange for Foreigners to understand. Discussions can fail for a number of reasons: like failing to drink rice wine (You can nominate another to do this for you), or discussing pricing details - there are prescribed formalities for doing this, etcetera

Front Office
For establishing your Company's presence in China, providing tools for your import export of goods and/or services, marketing and promotion

Back Office
We follow through on your deal, ensuring that all options are addressed and paperwork is available on time, where it is needed!

Follow-up Services
Just to make sure things are going according to plan and give you feedback

Maintaining high quality can be a major problem in China. We strongly advise you to employ your own QA personnel on the factory floor to ensure your goods meet quality standards. China Expats can easily arrange this on your behalf

This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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