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Business - Opportunities
Business Opportunities, Investment, and Internships

Entrepreneurs and aware companies are looking to the future of investing their time and money in China - the single major economy to have withstood the recent world financial crisis.

Others are seeking partners, either inside China, or for foreign based co-operation investment strategies. Global markets can no longer ignore China's rise to become the world's second largest economy. However, doing business with any Sovereign State economy presents new challenges to Western companies used to a free market system.

This is moreso in China, where 'mianzi' or "Face" is an integral part of any dealings - even at a daily personal level; as is 'guanxi' your personal (or company) network. Therefore to succeed in China you need to know how China operates, and not try and bend their established traditions to a Western model - it simply does not work that way!

To be successful in China you will need to establish a partnership with a suitable Chinese enterprise - and - obtain the backing of government.

Enlightened university students are also seizing the opportunities offered in China's future by taking internships with Chinese enterprise. They also realize that speaking Chinese is not enough, they also need to learn how to actually do real business in China.

China Expats does offer business advice and internships in Guangdong, but these are generally small scale and within our own 'guanxi'.

CRSS Asia Ltd offer high level internships based in Beijing and Tianjin, which also include introduction into the Chinese business ethos - which is the bit most foreigners to China get wrong!

Any student pondering their future in this ever-shrinking world should have a very considered look at CRCC Internships. Knowing how to conduct oneself in a Chinese office or business environment is an essential tool for the persons future prospects and prosperity.

About CRCC Asia

"CRCC Asia specializes in generating unique business opportunities between China and the global business community. They connect people, investment opportunities and businesses across the globe. They are also the leading provider of work placements in China.

We provide strategy recommendations, due diligence and practical advice to firms operating in the China market. We also provide high-level introductions for businesses considering M&A, looking for equity investment or investment opportunities.

To read the Directors' Letter please click here
Our Core Competencies
Our company has three core competencies:

1. Excellence - CRCC Asia has a passion for excellence; we ensure that our solutions exceed our clients' expectations.

2. Commitment - We are 100% committed to finding the right solutions for the business needs of our clients.

3. Expertise - Our expertise and knowledge guarantee that we achieve the best results for our clients."

Reproduced with kind permission from CRCC Asia

We also recommend reading CRCC Asia Directors Letter

This information is as supplied by the Chinese Expats Ltd, as dated 30th August 2010, in association with CRCC Asia Ltd. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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Connecting people, investment opportunities and businesses across the globe.

We are also the leading provider of work placements in China.
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