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Chinese Silk Fan

Zhaoqing at Night - Seen from 7-Stars Lake and Crags

Making a Silk Fan by Hand In Guilin

Lion Dance

Ancient and Modern Mix in Foshan City

Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an

Hand-held, trigger-operated crossbow from the 2nd century BC, Han Dynasty
Chinese History
Chinese Inventions
These are truely firsts in world development, and do not include adaptions of things from other cultures:

Chinese Inventions Timeline

Invention Comments
Dates BC:
Neolithic Cultures  
Rice cultivation 12000 BC
Beer 9000 BC
Millit cultivation 8500 BC
Urn, pottery 7000 BC
Oars for rowing
Salt, use of
6000 BC
Drum 5500 BC
Coffin, rectangular wooden 5000 BC
Lacquer ware
Cookery steamer
Noodles 4000 BC
Silk 3630 BC, Henan
Plough Longshan Culture Circa .3, 500 BC
Plowshare 3500 BC
Domestication of Ox and Buffalo
Dagger Axe
India Ink
Fork 2400 BC - used prior to the invention of chopsticks
South pointing chariot (not magnetic) Circa 2350 BC
Martial Arts (Kung Fu)
Metal Bell Before 2000 BC
Ancient China
Chopsticks 1200 BC
Crossbow Circa 600 BC
Manned flight (Kites) 559 BC
Chemical warfare Circa 400 BC
Paper making Map from Fangmatan, 300BC
Star catalogue Before 300 BC
Compass (Independent of Toltec Compass 1000 BC) 220 BC
Negative numbers and zero
Chrome plating (Of Bronze arrows)
Contour canal with locks
Before 210 BC
Tofu Circa 150 BC
Seismometer 132 BC
Dates AD
Kite Circa 550
Toilet paper 589
Woodblock printing 650, Tang tomb,Xi'an
Porcelain (True glazed) Circa 650
2-Gate canal lock 984
Smallpox innoculations Circa 1000
Moveable type Bi Sheng, Circa 1030
Banknotes Before 1023
Gunpowder Before 1044
Rifle (Fire lance) Circa 1100
Bulkhead, ships Before 1119
Calendar (Gregorian type) 1281
Exploding cannonballs Circa 1350
Modern China
Maglev (frictionless) windpower generators Guangzhou, 2006
Main reference: Wikipedia

This information is as supplied by Wikipedia, as dated March 2009 or later, and/or other reliable sources.

Maps (Unless stated otherwise) are provided in association with Thomas Lessman

Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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