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Colds and Flu
Colds and influenza are as common in China as in the rest of the world. Here we are only dealing with normal maladies, and not specific diseases such as Bird Flu or Swine Fever.

If you are an Expat living in China then you may just want to nip down to the local pharmacy and buy some remedy - but what do you buy?


This cough medicine (Pictured right) is one of the best, and generally available everywhere. It is very effective and tastes fine.

Chinese pharmacies are usually very good, and whilst they will sell you this over the counter, you may wish to ask for tome pills also if your condition is more severe. Simply show them this bottle, mime coughing or blowing your nose, and then mime taking a pill. All being well they will make up 2 days supply of tablets for you also. These will come in either plastic bags or be wrapped in paper. Each sachet contains the pills to be taken at one time - regardless of how many there are! Normal dosage is 3 times per day, and you will have 6 packets. If the label says 4 in English and there are 8 packets, use your initiative!
Image: A good Chinese cough medicine - Click to Enlarge
Image: Chinese pills, 1 packet 3 times per day - Click to Enlarge       Image: Traditional folded paper medicines with whitch to make a tonic - Click to Enlarge


In Guangdong (Canton) common colds and flu are quite common, but last a few hours in general. Most will be over within a day, unless you hit one your body does not have any antibodies for.

Do practice good hygiene, as modern cities and the people you will be in regular contact with will appreciate your efforts to blow into a clean tissue, and regular washing of hands.

If you feel this is not a normal condition, or it persists past day one, then visit the local hospital for treatment - there are also some nasty diseases out there!
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals.
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