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Health in China
Unusual Malady's (September 2008)
This page features an assorted collection of odd Health Issues
We are not Doctors!
We simply offer advice concerning weird medical conditions and bodily adjustments we have personally experienced. Most of these are entirely due to you living for a long time in a very different climate.

Consult a Doctor immediately if you have any health worries

These are not life-threatening or even serious Malady's, but if you have never encountered them before they can be very worrying. Most are also only specific to Expats - people who live in another country for several years

These things mainly can occur to anyone living in a very different culture or climate from the one their body is used to - and are applicable to anywhere in the world

Currently Explained below are:

1. Weird and Vivid Dreams
2. Heat Blisters
3. Skin Changes
4. Feeling Too Hot
5. Slight cough that won't go away
6. Persistent Perspiration


One extremely disconcerting phase concerns weird and vivid dreams - especially ones related to: times long past, events and experiences

You will have been living in a very different country for between 12 and 18 months. Everything seems fine, then suddenly you start to experience the most vivid and colourful dreams of your life. You can recall specific dreams days, or even months later! These dreams also relate to things from your past - real people (Perhaps now dead), situations, or places and things you knew well.

Over several months, the frequency and dynamics of these unusual dreams intensifies!

Your mind is reorganising storage space, and making way for a new set of rules and people. Think computers here, and re-booting and old pc with a new configuration

Your old memories that are no longer a part of your regular routines, are being put into 'Deep Storage' - should you ever need use them again!

None that we know of. This lasts about 3-months. Simply knowing what is actually happening will give you peace of mind.

Heat Blisters:

These are very common, and you can even get them at home, or especially during a short holiday to somewhere hotter than you are used to.

The sudden appearance of very small, white, and extremely itchy spots on the skin

Small white itchy spots appear on the skin, often on the feet, or forearms and wrists. They normally develope over a few hours, although some never reach maturity - remaining as a small red spot

Your body is hot and sweaty. It is trying to sweat in places there are no sweat glands - and the nearest sweat gland centres are too far away (Armpits etc) to be effective

The places these occur are normally associated with hot weather and clothing

To stop them appearing, wear less clothing, and clothing of a baggy and ventilated nature. Don't wear a wristwatch. Wear open sandals, not shoes and socks

They will naturally disappear in a few days. If you continue to treat your body in the same way you did when they first appeared - you will get many new ones!

To immediately stop the itching, pop them with something very small and sharp, like a needle. However, they will then take longer to disappear


After moving from a cool climate to a very hot one, your body will slowly make adjustments. Some of these you may consider share symptoms with some very serious and dangerous diseases. Here we only deal with normal skin making suitable alterations to your new climate. Be very careful, and seek qualified medical help immediately if you consider your body or health is under threat

You have been living in a very hot country for a year or so. During this time your skin has been put under great and continual stress. For the next 3-years your skin may exhibit some strange peculiarities. We only list the harmless ones below:

Freckles and Skin Marks:
1. Appearance of freckles, especially on your feet. Other similar darker marks on your skin
2. Your skin is trying to adjust to the intense sun and associated environmental factors
3. Check for any growth - if they appear normal, check against 4. below. If they continue to grow, change colour, or form a growth - see a Doctor immediately - it could possibly be cancer / similar
4. If the colour is freckle brown and they do not grow, change colour, or form a lump on your skin - then this is probably a natural skin function
5. If in any doubt, check - we are not Doctors, but have experienced this personally

Shedding Skin:
1. This is another weird phenomena that can occur during your second cold winter in a very hot climate.
2. Your entire skin appears to have severe dandruff all over your body!
3. Because of the extreme and rapid loss of skin, you may be more sensitive, and even have splits of the skin to finger and toe joints
4. You joke about becoming a snake, whilst privately wonder if you have a virus such as a type of ringworm. Nothing researched on the web exactly matches - although a combination of certain skin parasites could possibly produce a similar body to your own. You begin to worry...
5. Basically your skin has adjusted to the almost perpetual hot weather, but is now facing a very dramatic period when the temperature is simply far too cold for the newly adjusted skin to handle.
5. To prevent more serious complications later, the existing 'new compound skin' is being rapidly replaced with one more suited to cooler weather (Which your body already knows)
6. This will last about 1-month, and should not reoccur
7. If your are worried, or your symptoms do exactly match any form of either ringworm or skin parasite - Consult a Doctor immediately

1. Due to the different intensity of the Sun, you will probably notice your hair turning white! This is normal - consider it as being 'Bleached'
2. Contrarily; in some people the Sun can have the opposite effect, and actually restore colour to certain types of hair! We hope you are one of these. If so, you will usually notice this during your second summer

1. Similarly, your eye colour may alter slightly (In line with changes in skin mentioned above)
2. Most likely you will not be affected, or may only notice your eyes are slightly 'duller' in colour

Feeling Too Hot:

You continually feel hot, especially for a few hours after eating

You feel 'Hot' internally, and this can feel uncomfortable

You are not eating and drinking as the local people do

1. Eating hot dishes like chillie in a hot climate, causes heat build-up in your body. So do heavy and fatty Western foods.
2. Alter what you eat, or when and how you eat it

Slight cough that won't go away:

This is related to living in smog. This one does apply to most industrial Chinese cities, and similar cities anywhere in the world

After living for some months in your new city you develope a very minor cough. It is nothing serious. It is very persistent, and becomes a daily feature of your life

You may even take a few weeks away in the country on holiday, and return refreshed. A few days later your cough returns - and you realise it wasn't there when you were away

You have a smog related cough solely because of the atmosphere you live in daily. I will call it a form of emphysema, although not in a strict medical sense of the complaints definition. It probably won't get any worse, is probably not related to smoking - as you notice non-smoking locals also have it. In fact, you notice that virtually all local people have it

1. Move to a cleaner atmosphere / place to live
2. Wear face masks etc - which won't really make any difference, except make you look stupid as well
3. Take more exercise - on this occasion it does actually help
4. Put up with it!

Persistent Perspiration

You may wonder why after many years spent in a hot climate, you still sweat profusely

Profuse sweating, even though it is very hot where you are - even though you know your skin has adjusted - as detailed above. This occurs with light exercise, and is worsened in hot and sunny places

Drinking a lot of beer is causing most of your sweating the following day. Beer, like coffee, is a natural diuretic. However, because you live in a very hot place, your body now tries to store extra water. The effects of alcohol, (and especially beer for some strange reason?) override this

Drink lots of water, particularly after a session. Cure: either stop drinking large quantities of beer - or put up with the consequences!


We hope this section eases your concerns over weird changes that take place within your body. Please observe how the locals live - especially what and how they Eat and Drink. Copy them, as very often there is a very good reason for they way they choose to live, eat and drink

Health Concerns:

If you are worried - Consult a Doctor immediately!
This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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