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Chestnuts or Lu't z'Zhee
Chestnuts are a common nut in Guangdong and available all year round in packaged varieties. Fresh versions are in Season from Summer onwards through fall.
Chestnuts are sold in three main ways:

1. From supermarkets where they are often presented in plastic bags. These will have been graded and whilst may have been harvested a while ago, are quality consistent. However, due to their probable age they are best eaten roasted.

2. Wet Markets sell mainly fresh nuts throughout their long season. These are ideal to be eaten raw by simply removing the shells and eating what is inside. You may of course roast them also.
Image: Chestnuts - Click to Enlarge
3. Street vendors appear during late summer and Autumn evening along the pavements of Guangdong offering bags of freshly roasted Chestnuts. You can inspect and have bags made to order, although most people simply take what is ready cooked. You can buy fresh also from these vendors, but remember they may occasionally be the end of last seasons crop being sold off, and not the fresh of this year?

Cooking - is easy with Chinese simply putting them in a dry wok on high heat for 10 or 25 minutes, or until cooked through. Properly these should be griddled over a Chinese portable stove - see Utensils for details.
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