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Fruit, Vegetables and Gourds
Dai Gor, Chinese Grapefruit or Citrus Grandis
A unique Cantonese and south asian fruit that is a type of Grapefruit. Cantonese simply call this 'dai gor' which roughly translates as 'big one'.

It has been hybrid for the modern western marketplace, most notable being the USA 'Chandler'. However, you will only ever get the genuine article in Canton and neighbouring Vietnam from late August onwards. Even in these balmy tropical latitudes, it is very much a seasonal fruit!

I love these things!

Dai Gor are big - larger than a common grapefruit and usually approaching 1 foot in diameter. I have no idea what that is in metric; but you may need two hands to hold one.

Our Island home in Gaogong (Jiu Jiang in Mandarin) had one of these trees, which can grow up to three or more storeys high.

The fruit are amazing! They are a type of grapefruit, but without the harsh citric acid many people dislike. Instead they are mellow and delicious.
Buy ones that are firm and a consistent yellow colour. Very often these fruit are sold slightly under-ripe.This is never a problem if you leave them to mature; but know the best are picked ripe from the tree - just before they fall.

Burnt orange is not a good colour for these, as neither is a brown/black patch - which means it has dropped a long way to the ground and is being offloaded on unwary buyers. The best fruit are a slightly deeper yellow in colour, and should give slightly when thumb pressure is applied to the outside.
Image: Dai Gor or Citrus Grandis, a mild and delicious grapefruit - Click to Enlarge
To eat them, you are talking about hacking away the pithy inside layer, rather than peeling. This can be an inch or more deep, or you can cheat and simply chop one in half with a Chinese Chopper.

The internal fruit segments are covered with a hard skin, and it can be hard to even open these. Once inside there lie a row of stout seeds in the centre that look like teeth. Don't let this put you off because the actual flesh is exquisite!


I would use these instead of 'Orlimons' when in season, as their taste is so superb.

Notable recipes include:

* Chinese Mushroom Soup
* Fan Shei Soup or Chinese sweet yams

They also give excellent starting flavour and add intrigue to dishes like Chinese Hotpot whilst working extremely well with Potatoe and Broccoli Curry.
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals.
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