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Fruit, Vegetables and Gourds
Fa Niem or a weird sort of apple/pear thing
This popular and common fruit is not known in the west as far as I am aware. At first glance you will think it is an apple gone wrong, but closer inspection reveals a skin similar to that of many citrus fruits.

Most Cantonese simply eat them as is, or peel away the skin with a sharp knife. I would take pains to wash them first, and always remove the skin. This is because they are highly likely to have been sprayed with all manner of noxious chemicals.

Peeling reveals a white inside that looks like the flesh of a pear, but smells more like a peach. Cutting reveals small seeds like a courgette, which are normally eaten. It tastes just like a mass produced Congress Pear.

If you enjoy fruit then give these a try as they are quite delicious in their own way, and also very cheap for all the common versions - there are many different types of course - just like our British apple varieties.


Eat as above, as no recipes are available.
Image: Fa Niem or Chinese apple/Pear - Click to Enlarge

Image: Fa Niem or Chinese apple/Pear - Click to Enlarge
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