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Chinese Ingredients - Just Like Blighty
Ping Gor or Apples
Apples are one of the main fruits in China. They have several different types and colours, but all are virtually the same as standard English eating apples.

China does not appear to do cooking apples, or at least I have never seen any.

When purchasing, do exactly as in the west and check for blemishes and holes. Chinese wet markets offer a high standard of fruit, so this should not be a problem.

Be careful to buy only apples, as China has some weird sort of peachy/pear fruits that closely resemble apples, but smell quite different. Inside these are delicious, but definitely not apples. See our dedicated page for details.

Use them exactly as you would in UK, either eaten whole or added to fruit salad.

Remember to always wash the outside of apples, as they are often sprayed with all manner of things - to the point that unless you know they are organically grown, you would be wise to peel them!
Image: Chinese Apples - Click to Enlarge
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