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Chinese Ingredients - Just Like Blighty
China has three types of bananas, and they are regarded as being different fruit with different names!

The curved version all westerners are familiar with is the most expensive, although still very reasonably priced. It is the sweetest of the three and is called 'Heurng d'Zhu' in Cantonese; meaning good smell fruit.

The other two refer to the ones probably banned by Europe, these being straight and of a chunkier nature. These come in two sizes and are different to the extent that you cannot let small ones grow as they will not become big ones. Similarly you cannot pick large ones early to replicate the smaller version, as the fruit will still be green and inedible.
The large one is called 'Dai d'Zhu' and the small one is called 'Siu d'Zhu'. 'dai' and 'siu' are Cantonese meaning large and small respectively. In Mandarin this would be 'Da' and 'Xiao'. These fruit also have slightly different tastes, and neither are as sweet at the curved ones we are so used to seeing.

Chinese often buy these when either green or brown, and they peel them from the tip, not by breaking the stem as most westerners do.
Image: Curved Chinese banana or 'heurng d'zhu' - Click to Enlarge

Image: Large Chinese banana or 'dai d'zhu' - Click to Enlarge
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