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Grapes or z'Zhee
British buyers at home are used to having a selection of red or green grapes to choose from, most of which will probably be of seedless varieties. Our basic definition of grapes does not usually extend much beyond this, except for specific circumstances like making wine.

In Canton you will find all the grapes familiar to you in the west. You will also find many other varieties, usually larger and with seeds. These would normally be red grapes or hong z'Zhee; green grapes being known as lop z'Zhee. Use dai for large, and siu for small; easy.

Grapes do vary in price enormously, and especially the imported ones sold in and around wet markets close to large contingents of properties rented or owned by foreigners. There is actually a lot of 'snob' value associated with this, as you will find grapes sold by street-vendors and wet markets in less salubrious districts to be exactly the same, but far cheaper.

That stated, grapes in general are a one of the more expensive of Chinese fruits on sale. So expect to pay £1.50 equivalent for a large bunch of quality grapes.

The best are very large red grapes that are very sweet, and come with pips.You may find it difficult to distinguish between the four major varieties, so let price guide you and try them all to find ones that suit you best.
Image: Grapes or 'Tai z'Zhee' - Click to Enlarge

Image: Grapes or 'Tai z'Zhee' - Click to Enlarge
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