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Sharon Fruit (Persimmons) or Seei
Sharon Fruit is technically a specific variety of Persimmon, although we tend to use both names interchangeably.

In Canton this fruit is known as 'Seei' regardless of variety.

Sharon Fruit tend to be available all year round, but are more plentiful and cheaper during all the summer months.

You can buy them at any wet market or supermarket, choosing those that are slightly soft to the touch.

To eat them, simply press your thumbnails into the crown and pull apart (As pictured right). Eat the insides only, spitting out anything unpalatable (Pith, seeds, etc).

It is likely the skins of these fruits have been sprayed repeatedly with all manner of nasty chemicals.

Therefore we advise you to wash the skins well before presenting to guests. It would probably be wise of you to make sure you do not ingest any of the skin also.
Image: Sharon Fruit, Persimmoms or 'Seei' - Click to Enlarge

Image: Sharon Fruit, Persimmoms or 'Seei' - Click to Enlarge
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