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Image: BianZhong Chime Bells
  Chime bells, or bianzhong, were an important percussion instrument in ancient China. Chime bells are divided into one or more groups in which there are dozens of big and small bells, each with a different tone. Although the forms of the bells are different, as they developed in different years, there are fine designs on all of them.
In the early the Shang Dynasty (16-11th century BC), there existed serial bells, which were made up of three bells. Along with the development of the times, the number of bells increased. The ancient instrument was used in royal performances, while it was unpopular among the folk people. During wars, royal meetings, and sacrifices, people would play it.

In ancient China, chime bells were an exclusive musical instrument for the upper class. It was regarded as the symbol of power and social class. Recently, pieces of ancient bells have been discovered in the royal tombs in Yunnan, Shanxi, Hubei, and other provinces throughout the country.
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