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Image: Hushtar
  A hushtar is a traditional Uyghur stringed musical instrument.

Note: Uyghur can be spelt many ways, the main ones being: Uighur, Uigher, Urgher, Uiger etc. In China is is pronounced (Simple form) as 'We Gur'. 'Ur Gur' is also correct.

The Uighur are an Ethnic Minority in Western China's XinJiang Province. Music has always been a significant element of Central Asian culture in what is now Xinjiang even before the Uyghur migration into Xinjiang from Mongolia began in earnest in the ninth century. Since ancient times, the most popular music in the Chinese Imperial Court was from Central Asia, along the ancient Silk Road. Several of the best-known traditional Chinese musical instruments, particularly stringed instruments, originated in Central Asia.

To hear thousands of examples of Uyghur music, traditional and modern, head for YouTube and search for: uyghur OR uighur OR uygur OR uigur.
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