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Jacky Cheung

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  Jacky Cheung is incontestably the most famous and successful recording artist in Cantonese pop's short history - and he's still going at it. A quiet and humble family man, how did Jacky Cheung become the king of Chinese love songs? With his rich, robust voice and captivating melodies, his popularity swept through Hong Kong and Taiwan like a vivacious tornado.

Dubbed one of the 4 Heavenly Kings and known as the "singing" king, Jacky has the largest collection of love ballad hits that can rival Alan Tam. Since his Form 7 days in school, Jacky never ceased to sing for the public. It was no accident that he was discovered by Polygram Records (now Universal Music Group), who offered him a contract after he participated and won a singing contest in 1984.

Thrilled by this prospect, Jacky wanted to get started, but he had a difficult time grabbing his audience's interest. Unable to gain recognition, Jacky needed a hit song to launch his career. Finally in 1991, "Love You A Little More Each Day" emerged, propelling him to superstar status.

His cheery personality and infectious smile caught fans running to his feet. Audiences love his carefree style and the positivity in his songs. Unwilling to become another singer meshed into Cantopop's fast-paced industry, Jacky took on different opportunities and directions. Showing his audiences that he is not just a typical actor or singer, Jacky took on a challenging role of producing and taking a lead role in the Cantopop musical "Snow Wolf Lake" alongside another veteran singer Sandy Lam and newcomer Kit Chan. Together, they took the stage for more than 43 performances to a full house at the Hong Kong Coliseum.
Because of many years of hard work and the frustrations he endured, Jacky Cheung feels he has the responsibility to uplift the current Hong Kong music industry, in which he feels is facing "imminent collapse. It saddens me to see that during the 90s the industry kept going downhill." Jacky can do many good for the Cantopop industry, not only by continuing to record and push the limits of the songwriters who pen his albums, but to use his personal vision to help return "to the basis of making good music." (Interview with Clarence Hui, Cash Flow Magazine)

To many, Jacky has a great voice, but his powerful drive to use his talent in many ways is what makes him a legend. However, his film career is also worth following, as witnessed by his role in As Tears Go By - an HK Triad/Cop thriller. If you like Jackie Chan movies, then look for this. If you can't find it, then we recommend you search the likes of YouKu or, who will have the movie online - you may just need to search for it in Chinese hehe!

Career Highlights:
• 62 albums released overall from 1985-2003.
• 1984 - Jacky won first prize for the song, "Fatherland," in "The 18 Districts Amateur Singing Contest," competing with more than 10,000 contestants. Signed a contract with Polygram Records shortly afterwards.
• The song, "Loving You A Little More Each Day" ranked number one on most pop charts and ranked number one on the Ultimate Song Chart of Commercial Radio
• 1993 - His mandarin album, Goodbye Kiss, was released in Taiwan and South East Asia at the same time, which sold a record-breaking 3 million units.
• 1993 - First singer to be the Top Ten Best Selling Singer for Polygram Records. He became the best selling singer in Asia for three more years.
• 1993 - Attracted worldwide attention for his 25 performances of "Jacky and Friends Live Concert 1993", 34 performances of "Jacky Live Concert 1993," and close to 100 performances of "Jacky in Concert" in over twenty countries and cities.
• 1995 - Jacky sold over 5 million albums overall.
• 1995 - Jacky received the "Chinese Artiste of The World in Monte Carlo at the World Music Awards.

Where Is He Now?
On Friday, September 12th, Jacky Cheung won an award for Pan-Asia male artist of the year during the CCTV-MTV Awards.


Video Link 1 One of his most popular songs (Cantonese)

Video Link 2 In Concert 2001 (75 mins) - many languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and probably Portuguese?
Definitely worth watching!
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