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KuGou Playlist 1 - Track listings

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YouKu Image - click for video link to the track on the immediate right 王杰_谁明浪子心_赵学而_合唱版.mp3
  王菲-漫步人生路.mp3 Clicking this player (Twice) will play all the tracks on the left in order - but you may have to wait for buffering due to your physical location or bandwidth
  刘德华-谢谢你的爱.mp3 Download links on the left are not streamed
  屠洪刚-爱人-王菲蝴蝶飞飞主题曲.mp3 What happens when you either 'left click' or 'right click' depends on your computer operating system, browser, and default media handling criteria. Normally:
Left click = The music plays in your default media player, after the full download has completed. (To cheat, press 'play')
Right click = You should 'Save Target As'
  Download KuGou Playlist 01 (62.6 Mb)
A selection of 15 popular tracks. About half are in Mandarin, and the rest in Cantonese. We will of course be offering other Playlists in the near future - or send us one of your own for inclusion (Please ensure there are no Copyright issues)
  To play these music files you will need to have a media player with Chinese language support (Otherwise you may get a message 'File Header Unreadable'). We assure you there are no virus's or malware associated with any of these files. They simply do not understand Chinese.

All modern players will support Chinese characters, but you may need to install the language-pack version for it to work. If you have a problem we recommend you either:
1. Download KuGou Player from our website
2. Install your own media Players Chinese Simplified (Mandarin) and Chinese Traditional (Cantonese) language packs
3. Check the encoding of Your Player. It is probably set to: ANSI, ASCCI, ISO + something. Change this to UTF-8.
4. Download a suitable western Media Player. We recommend:
  • Winamp

  • IrfanView + Full Plugins pack (2 separate downloads with very simple install)

  • mPlayer (Link goes to a fully developed player. Geek's into 'Binaries and Source' should go to 'mPlayer HQ')

  • QuickTime

And add language packs as required

You can download the Chinese KuGou Player' here: KouGu2007.rar (15Mb). It is totally in Chinese, so simply unzip to a folder and click on 'kougu.exe' to use. To add a playlist click on the top left most tab, and select the second item from the dropdown list [3 Chinese characters followed by (P)], then select a music folder. Done!

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