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Lui Fang

Image: Lui Fang
  Renowned as the foremost Chinese-bow virtuoso and stringed instruments player in China, Liu Fang suddenly produces the most amazing voice on this, her third album

Try Track 4 & Track 15 - disc two, and tell me I am not wrong - Stunning music!
ISRC CN-D16-02-362-00/A.J6

Since the release of this album, Lui Fang has released 3 more in this series; entitled 'A Voice Inebriate: 2, 3 and 4'. You should be able to get all of album 4 in the West + there are scattered listings for albums 2 and 3, which usually offer 12 tracks for download / across a double album of 40 or so tracks - so you ain't really getting value for money there, are you?

Apart from this series of albums, virtually all web-searches will offer her great skills on the Chinese Zheng (Sort of Zither / Horizontal Harp thingymagig) and Pipa (Chinese Lute). She is extremely talented!

And this is what drives us to introduce just two of her songs to you - ones we are sure you will enjoy immensely.

Please see our disclaimer below

Due to copyright issues and zero listings on Western media, we have been unable to bring you these songs, although we have the CD here now. (You will find some listings for album 4 in this series however). The album cover makes no reference to any contact details, email, website, and the record company 'Wamer-Chappell Music HK' appears not to exist either!

Given we are crossing language barriers here - we additionally web searched 'Warner-Chappell Music HK' dedicated website in Hong Kong, with no listings for Lui Fang. Last week (21.08.2009) we went to their offices in Wan Chai, Hong Kong - but they refused to see us. However, a source on the door confirmed Lui Fang was not one of their artists, and never had been.

Given that we have tried everything we know to get in touch with both the artist and record company, we have decided that hiding behind denial of knowledge does not amount to a valid reason why we cannot bring these two introductory tracks to Western ears. Our only aim is to promote this artist for her musical ability, and bring her to the attention of foreign ears who would otherwise never hear this beautiful music. We will make 'zero' money from this, but perhaps we will persuade you to buy her albums?

Our last resort is to publish these tracks for streaming, and hope this finally evokes a reaction from those lost within their own imaginary Ivory Towers?

What we ultimately seek is contact with the artist herself, as Mogul-Media companies are only ever in it for their Directors' personal profit - at the expense of the artiste concerned


The tracks below are mp3's, so most things will play them. If not get a decent player = Winamp or IrfanView.
We also have this in 'Wav' hi-def format, but this is too large for general streaming from China (But sounds far better)

Track 4: 'Tien Qua'   

Track 15: 'Ramone'
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