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Tong Li - 童丽

Tong Li's fascinating voice soars and dives around a backdrop of traditional Chinese instuments creating a modern paradox of musical form. Her haunting voice combined with the Zheng, bamboo flute and other Chinese instruments bridges traditional and modern Chinese music in a way no other has dared to try - never mind match.
Image: Tong Li


Video 1 - 童丽: 高清版 《月满西楼》MV
Video 2 - 童丽:十送红军MV
Video 3 - 李清照的好词与童丽的美音《月满西楼》
Video 4 - 月之故乡 童丽

Video Album - 童丽: 歌曲欣赏

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Unfortunately the track we really want to bring to western ears is not listed for download., but is the second track on the album pictured above called 'Every Corner'.
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