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Twins - 雙生兒

Twins are a Hong Kong-based female Cantopop duo created in the summer of 2001 by Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG). Twins are Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin and Gillian Chung Yan-Tung. They are a popular group in Hong Kong and a top band in China. Their fanbase includes: Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and United States. Their music has always targeted young teens, and have released albums for kindergarten and Infant school levels - which they sing in Cantonese or English
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  In 2004 they begin to attract a wider audience by venturing into different styles of music which increased there public image all over China. During December 2005 a rumour mentioned the splitting of the two singers. However, they attended the May 2006 MTV Asia Awards in Thailand together where they won the Hong Kong Favourite artist award.

However, there was an unfortunate incident in 2008 when pictures of Gillian appeared on the internet. The Edison Chen photo scandal would rock the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Local actor Edison Chen and a number of high-profile female celebrities including Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung, were shown in sexual acts with the explicit photos uploaded on the Internet. The scandal garnered the attention of international media including CNN, MSNBC, and The Guardian. The scandal raised a number of questions regarding legal issues and netizen's online rights that went far beyond the usual music discussion. Please also bear in mind that whilst Hong Kong people tend to be a little more modern and Western thinking than their Mainland contemporaries - this was far too much a scandal for them, and was unacceptable!

Gillian was an innocent victim in this scandal, but because of intense and unwarranted media pressure, she retired from public life for 1-year

Gillian started working again in March 2009, and confirmed that Twins would reunite for EEG's 10th anniversary concert show in 2010

Twins have also made several films, the first entitled ' Summer Breeze of Love' in 2002. Since then they have made a couple of films every year

They have made many commercials and endorsed many leading world Brands including: Nokia, Epson, Biore, Coca-Cola, and LG

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Media:When searching media, it may help to use their Chinese name: 雙生兒

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