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Marina's, Yacht Clubs and Water Sports
China Expats are currently developing two Marina's in the Pearl River Delta

During 2009 China Expats has become an integral part of 2 major Marina developments in the Pearl River. Both offer Yacht Club, Water Sports, sailing, sail and boat training courses, sea fishing, sail boarding, boat rental, boat sales. Jui Jiang Marina officially opens in February 2010, whilst the luxury Marina located further South at Jiang Men will take several years to complete

Jui Jiang Marina a popular Marina and Boat Club development aimed at ordinary people, although luxury villas and facilities are also available. The focus is on sail training and water sports. This is quite suitable for Youth Hostel patrons, students and independent travellers. It also connects via river to Hong Kong, Macao, and the South China Sea (See map below). For inland travel it connects directly with Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhao Qing, and Gao Ming (Where there are Sea Cat ferry links direct to Hong Kong)

Gao Ming is a City-District Capital City situated 2 miles upstream from Jui Jiang Marina - and in plain line of sight. Unfortunately, the Google map gives its name in Chinese only, so please look at the next large upstream town and the Chinese characters
Image: Chinese characters for Jui Jiang

Jui Jiang Marina
Based on an Island in the main West Pearl River, Jui Jiang Marina is ideal for those wishing to relax in a more rural setting - whilst still having immediate access to boats and water sports.

Main towns and cities lie within a few minutes in any direction, so you can easily enjoy city nights and local sight-seeing as well. This may be ideal for parties whose members include people who are not really into boating (We can offer them a very enjoyable non-boating holiday at local prices)

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We Offer:

The main purpose of this Marina is to provide cost-effective leisure activities for those on a lower budget:
  1. Boat rental with: hourly, daily, week-end, or weekly hire (Crew Available)
  2. Watersports:
    1. Western style pleasure boats (Sail and power)
    2. Bamboo boats with sails and outriggers
    3. Bamboo Catamaran's with large sails and deck
    4. Sailboards
    5. Canoes
    6. Kayaks
    7. Dragon Boats and Club
      1. Five man Dragon Boats for Group and Team competitions (30 boats)
    8. Speedboats
      1. Water skiing and para gliding coming for 2010
    9. Fishing Boats
    10. Local Chinese boats (A bit weird looking, but function very well)
    11. Skin Diving
    12. Snorkeling
    13. Swimming
    14. Horse riding
  3. Sail and Power boat training courses: from first-timers to advanced level
    1. Casual approach to tourist training schedules - so if one day you are hung-over, or simply want to go off sight-seeing - go and enjoy yourselves! This is all about having fun and Cultural Exchange after all
    2. Intensive training courses have a stricter schedule and end with a practical exam
  4. Training courses held in English and Chinese languages.
    1. Jonno (British) is a qualified Yacht Master
    2. Ao San Jr is vastly experienced Dragon Boat coach
    3. Li San is a Hong Kong qualified swimming teacher
    4. Master Cheung is a top National Kung Fu Master
    5. Fiona is a talented and effervescent multilingual language Teacher
    6. We do need a Sailboard Coach for 2010 - are you interested?
  5. Chandlers shop - for basic boating spares, repairs and extra's
  6. Repair workshops
  7. Refueling stage open to visiting boats: Fuel, water, sewage disposal
  8. Jetty featuring: 220 volt mains power per berth, cable or satellite TV can be arranged
  9. Life Skills:
    1. Example Day:
      1. Build a boat (Something that floats) from debris found along the beach
        1. Old oil drums, lengths of Bamboo, wire or reed for ropes
        2. OK, Chinese river islands are not really like this, so we will cheat and scatter some useful things around for you to find
      2. Sail or row it and catch some fish
        1. You better make a fishing rod, harpoon or net as well then?
      3. Return to shore and make a fire from whatever is lying around
      4. Start the fire using either wood or flint (No matches or lighters allowed)
      5. BBQ using plant leaf wrappers or similar
        1. Hmmm. Maybe you better make a bamboo knife to gut the fish with also?
      6. You will eventually work out what to use for cooking pots, hearth fixtures and utensils, as everything you need will be provided in one form or another (Varies)
      7. Add any vegetables nearby to a soup or casserole
      8. Add some fresh fruit from local trees
    2. Given this all went well (We guarantee it will), then we will add beers and camp fire songs + entertainments to end the day
  10. Other island training courses include:
    1. Kung Fu, Swimming, Chinese Calligraphy, local arts and crafts, English and Chinese language Salons
  11. Then there are the Amenities:
    1. Swimming pool (On-shore and filtrated)
    2. Kiddies Play area + supervision (Adults can go off leaving their children with us for the day). They will be entertained, play, fed and watered, and given a place to have a siesta nap (As required)
    3. Beach Sports area (Volleyball, Football + we do need a Cricket team)
    4. You can see a rough outline plan here: Gaogong Overview
  12. Clubs include: Model boats and aeroplane's club, paintball and war games club, 4 wheel drive club, Dragon boat club
  13. New for 2010: Treasure Hunt
  14. Note: Mandarin name: 'Jiu Jiang' (Spelt 'Jui Jiang' locally), Cantonese name: 'Gaogong', characters 几 江
  15. Our programme's complete with Social and Cultural pastimes and skills classes combined with more Western amenities
  16. Away Days:
    1. So you hire a crewed or bare boat for a few days. Where will you go?
    2. We have reciprocal agreements in place with other places in the area (Not necessarily restricted to other Marina's), where you can 'rock-up' with your boat and be well looked-after and entertained.
    3. We will give you a list of itinerary options - and a special card that (without any language required), will ensure you have a great start to exploring this amazing part of China.
    4. The card also has our phone number, so you can call us to order the food you want - although you can learn the art of 'Haggling' for yourselves
    5. Of course, if we crew the boat for you, or supply a Rep, then this will all be taken care of immediately
  17. Patronage: Young people and students, adventurers, independent travellers, people on a restricted budget, local people wishing to learn about boating and water sports + anyone wanting a great time!
  18. Accommodation: Youth Hostel accommodation on-shore, luxury villas, Bamboo houses (Sleep 10 ), local houses (2 to 20 persons)
Other Services:

Cyber Cafe:
We offer an internet lounge within the Yacht Club. This is ideal for those wishing to catch up on business and emails, or simply chat with friends on messenger. We can print for you, and copy/scan documents as required. Blank CD's and memory sticks are available behind the counter + other goodies of course!

Our restaurants offer Western and Vegetarian (Includes Vegan) cuisine plus Chinese dishes, and selections of World cooking. We employ a dedicated Baker to ensure pizza bases, bread, and pitta breads are of excellent quality

Otherwise you remain free to cook yourself, BBQ, go to other island restaurants and , eateries on-shore

Yacht Club:

This is our base of operations, and has dedicated areas for a variety of services and patronage. This large Chinese traditional structure has club and private rooms, dedicated bar, games area (Snooker, pool, darts etc), shop, general store, cyber lounge, separate juice and coffee bars, Western style Fast-Food bar + our restaurant with outdoor patio's overlooking the river

Our aim is to build a cohesive boating and water sports community in The West Pearl River and South China Sea, (with direct links to the International World), whilst still promoting access, training and fun activities for all

Please contact us for what is available today, or call back later for further information (As this section will expand dramatically over the latter months of 2009)

"Bon Voyage"
Other news:

Jiang Men Marina
is a new build in the District Capital of Jiang Men City ( 江 门 ). This prestigious development is set to rival those of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and offers a complete range of luxury facilities and services

Jiang Men City is a modern and progressive city with direct river links to Hong Kong, Macao, and the South China Sea. We are building this Marina at the request of regional government, and expect it to take many years to complete. We will continue to update you as appropriate
This information is as supplied by China Expats, as dated July 2009 or later, and/or other reliable sources.

Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
Breaking News
1 31.08.2009
First posts for new Jetty sunk. Yacht Club under construction
2 29.08.2009
Second restaurant opened - Western and Vegetarian lounge diner
3 27.08.2009
Master Cheung agrees to provide a new Kung Fu school of excellence
4 27.08.2009
Li San agrees to teach Swimming lessons
5 22.08.09
2 new buildings added for boat clubs
6 28.07.2009
Existing facilities upgraded. Work done!
7 26.07.2009
Co-operation with Hong Kong leading Marina and boat builder agreed
8 8.07.2009:
Island and District Governments give approval and 100% project support
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