(Draw a snake and add feet)




In the country of Chu during the Warring States Period, a man gave his servants a jar of wine after the sacrifice ceremony for his ancestors. His servants thought that the wine was not enough for all of them and thought it would be much better if it was for just one person. So they decided to have a competition with the wine as the award for the winner.

Whoever drew a snake the fastest would win the whole jar of wine. One of the servants drew a snake really fast and finished first. Seeing that the others were still busy drawing their snakes, he wanted to show off his artistic skill, and so added some feet to the snake. At that moment, another servant finished drawing his snake and snatched the jar. He began drinking and said, “How can a snake have feet? I win and you lose.” 

This idiom refers to ruining a venture by doing an unnecessary thing.



  This dish used to taste so good, but after adding some soy sauce “Hua she tian zu” - it is not so delicious.