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A Letter From China
Video Walkthrough
This very short page is simply to introduce a video walkthrough of our latest gaff in Toisan. It shows how we live and may be of some interest, as there is a soundtrack also.

I apologise in advance for the small frog in my throat, but wanted to shoot one for you fans to see exactly what we are paying Y500 per month for. Bills are now coming in below Y200 each month - and I wonder what you get in UK for that these days - for £70 all paid (Per month?) which includes cable TV, landline phone and all bills except internet @ 2Mb, which is prepaid at Y900 per year.

The video download is reduced to around 46MB (From 700 Mb) and will stream in any modern browser (Opera, Safari, Chrome). If you use an old technology browser (That's any version of Internet Explorer including 8) then you may have to wait a few minutes for the whole movie to download.

If you are using Netscape clones (Mozilla, Firefox etc) then know your browser will probably fail to recognise 'html5' markup language and render it as 'xml' instead, meaning the video won't play. Here's the link to play it Gaff.ogv in your browser.
This work including text and associated photographs and video is Copyright of Jonno Morris (Unless stated otherwise), and may be reproduced for personal and private use under Collective Commons 3 Licence. An email would be appreciated in such circumstances, as would referencing.

You are not allowed to use this information to make money from my work - regardless of how fancy or well paid your lawyers may be.

Some artistic licence has been used arbitrarily in some of these Letters, and whilst most facts are in essence correct, some personal and literary interpretation may have been employed to greater or lesser degrees.
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Toisan Ticky-Tacky
Image: Chinese Tea at Fo Lam Muen

Image: Main Street near Fo Lam Muen

Image: Toisan Park looking towards the city square

Image: Toisan Park looking towards the Taishan Garden Hotel

Image: Restaurant in the Park

Image: A modern taxi outside Toisan Number 2 Bus Station
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