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Chinese Music
Love Songs by Various Artists

Love Songs by Various Artists

These songs are popular Chinese love songs, most featuring duets between a girl and a boy
Track Play Artist Track Comment
1 Image: Andy Lau - Click to Play on YuoKu Andy Lau
谢谢你的爱 刘德华-谢谢你的爱
2 Image Link: Dave Wong and Friend - Click to watch on YouKu Dave Wong
Return of the Prodigal
This track has suddenly taken off. We expect it to make Number 1 in a few days time
3 Image: Dave Wong - Click to Watch on YouKu Dave Wong
说谎的爱人 王杰-说谎的爱人
More than 1,000 people downloaded this track yesterday
4 Image: George Lam and Sally Yeh - Click to Play 叶倩文
选择 选择(叶倩文,林子祥) George Lam, Sally Yeh
5 Image: Chen Sheng - Click to Play 陈升
Chen Sheng
The Grief for Them
6 Image: Dave Wong - Click to Play Dave Wong
她的背影. 王杰-她的背影
7 Image: Zhang Feng - Click to Play 想你的时候你会想我吗 张枫 想你的时候你会想我吗 张枫
When you think you would want me Zhang Feng
8 Image: Dave Wong - Click to Play Dave Wong
是否我真的一无所有-张宇 王杰-是否我真的一无所有-张宇
9 Image: Dave Wong - Click to Play Dave Wong
Beautiful track with a syncopated beat
'Annie' and 'ai ne' (Love) are a play on words
10 Image: Click to Play 屠洪刚
爱人-王菲蝴蝶飞飞主题曲 屠洪刚-爱人-王菲蝴蝶飞飞主题曲
Huan and Faye Wong sing 'Love' (Butterfly)
11 Image: Click to Play Faye Wong
12 Image: Click to Play Faye Wong
Invisible Waves
13 Faye Wong
14 Image: Click to Play  Dave Wong
你是我胸口永远的痛 王杰-你是我胸口永远的痛
You are the eternal pain in my chest
15 Image: Mei, The Power of Love (Not that one) - Click to Play Video 张惠妹
Mei or Ami
One Dance
张惠妹 一个人跳舞(伴奏)
One Dance - The power of love CD4
16 Image: Click to Play 王识贤 陈好 陈亮呤 Blood Red
Wang Shi Xian & Chen Hao Liang
17 Image: Yoo Young Seok - Click to Play Yoo Young Seok 灰色空间
Gray Space
灰色空间 = Gray Space
18 Image: Ami - Click to Play 张惠妹
Mei or Ami
Mei - Ami
Ami - The Sound of the Ocean
19 Image: Click to Play 钟镇涛
我的世界只有你最懂 我的世界只有你最懂 (钟镇涛,章蓉舫)
20 Image: Click to Play Teresa Teng
何日君再来 邓丽君 - 何日君再来
21 Image: Click to Play 王秀如
我们面对面的坐着 我们面对面的坐着
Love Me In My Lifetime
22 Image: Click to Play 罗志祥
love of people
Show Luo - love of people = Take Back East Boys
23 Image Link: Jackie Chan singing the title track from the movie Myth Jackie Chan 'Endless Love' 无尽的爱 (成龙&金喜善)
Anthem from the movie Myth. Simply-Stunning!
24 Image Link: Video of Tien Chau San singing yo mayo... Tien Chau San
Yao Mayo... 有没有人告诉你  
Still in our charts with his great blues track: "You Shouldn't Love my Dog more than you love Me!"
25 Image: Click to Play 叶爱玲
停看听 停看听_叶爱玲_林琼珑
We think we saved the best piece of music for last!
Image for Decoration only
We have no intention of even beginning to try and explain to foreigners what this music is all about.

Just know that if you are in the mood for 'Easy Listening' Chinese music, then this album should be your first choice.
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