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Image: Andy Lau - Click for video

Image: Dave Wong - Click for video

Image: Click for video - SHE 'zhong gwok hua'

Image: Click for video of a beautiful and harmonious unrequitted love song

Image: Jackie Chan singing the beautiful theme from his movie 'Myth' - Click for video

Image: Jacky Cheung - Click for video

Image: Ami or ah-Mei - Click for video

Image: Excellent video of Beyond live

Image: Dave Wong - Click for another great music Video

Image: Teresas Blues - Click to download a great Erhu track

Image: Wong Fei Hong Theme - Download a classic piece of music

Image: Beyond produced this great concert in 2005 - Click for video

Image: Folk artist Dao Lang - Click for video

Image: Annie (ai nei) = love you) Great track from Dave Wong - Click for Video

Image: Zhang Feng, When you think you would want me - Click for Video

Image: Show Luo - love of people = Take Back East Boys - Click for Video

Image: Love Me in My Lifetime - Click for Video

Image: Yoo Young Seok - Click to Play

Image: Ah-Mei or Ami singing 'One Dance'- Click to Play video

Image: S.H.E China Girl - Click to Play video

Image: Jane Zhang singing 'When Love has Become the Past' - theme song Farewell My Concubine - Click to Play video

Image: Jay Chou concert in Hong Kong Coliseum - Click to Play video
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Image: Shin live in Shanghai - Click to view one of our favourite songs and videos
Image: Erhu player supporting above singer

Image: Tien Chau San

Image: Shin

Image: SHE

Image: Pang Long

Image: Lang Lang plays Rhapsody in Blue

Image: Wong Ka Kui

Image: Click to see a different Video from Beyond live concert in Taiwan 1986

Image: Dave Wong, Return of the Prodigal - Click to view video

Image: Tong Li - Click for video Yuemanxilou HD

Image: Liu Fang - Click for video Tien Qua

Image: Twins - Click for Video

Image: Teresa Teng - Click for Video

Image: Aaron Kwok - Click for Video

Image: 12 Girls Band - Click for video

Image: Netizens hilarious take of 'One Night in Beijing' - Click for Video

Image: Leon Lai - Click for Video
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