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Image: Click for video of a beautiful and harmonious unrequitted love song

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Image: Jacky Cheung - Click for video

Image: Ami or ah-Mei - Click for video

Image: Excellent video of Beyond live

Image: Dave Wong - Click for another great music Video

Image: Teresas Blues - Click to download a great Erhu track

Image: Wong Fei Hong Theme - Download a classic piece of music

Image: Beyond produced this great concert in 2005 - Click for video

Image: Folk artist Dao Lang - Click for video

Image: Annie (ai nei) = love you) Great track from Dave Wong - Click for Video

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Chinese Music
Various Artists of Popular Chinese Music
The singers and bands featured here are all provided supplementary to our other listings. In many cases the artists will have their own page later - such as the ever popular Jay Chou from Taiwan, one of the current mega-stars throughout all of Asia.

Other listings below are simply to tidy up our links to artists in our page borders who do not have their own page. Therefore, if they do not yet have a page, they will be listed here.
Artist Listings:

Ami or Mei
Chen Sheng
George Lam
& Sally Yeh

林子祥 叶倩文
Jane Zhang
Jay Chou
Kenny Bee &
Zhang Rong-fang

Sho Lu
Tang Lei
Tien Chau San
Teresa's Blues Wang Shi Xian
& Chen Hao

王识贤 陈好
Wang Xiu &
Lu Kong

王 秀  陆 孔
Ye Ailing
Lin Qiong Long

Young Seok
Zheng Feng

Page Link Name Comment
Image: Ami or ah-Mei - Click to Enlarge Ami or Mei
Ami is a popular singer famous for many unusual songs and some standards. Video links:
Video 1: 听海 The Sound of Ocean
Video 2: 一个人跳舞 One Dance
Image: Chen Sheng - Click to Enlarge Chen Sheng
Chen Sheng is famous for this love song that remains popular today
Video 1: 把悲伤留给自己
The Grief for Them
Image: Farenheit - Click to Enlarge Fahrenheit 
"I have my Young" Super Best
Image: George Lam and Sally Yeh - Click to Enlarge George Lam and Sally Yeh
Image: Huan and Faye Wong - Click to Enlarge Huan and
Faye Wong
"love" (Butterfly Fantasy theme song)
Image: Jane Zhang - Click to Enlarge Jane Zhang
"Orphan" premiere celebration of Jane Zhang singing
"When love has become the past"
(theme song Farewell My Concubine)
Image: Jay Chou - Click to Enlarge Jay Chou
Concert in Hong Kong Coliseum
Image: Kenny Bee and Zhang Rong-fang - Click to Enlarge Kenny Bee and Zhang Rong-fang
章蓉舫 我的世界只有你最懂
my world only you know
Image: Sho Lu - Click to Enlarge Sho Lu
Love of People
Image: Tang Lei sings Tien Qua, this is the video release - Click to Enlarge Tang Lei
丁香花 CCTV outdoor concert
Tien Qua (Lilac)
We prefer the video below which shows love in rural China today - link here
Image: Teresa's Blues cover - Click to Enlarge Teresa's Blues
Teresa's Blues is a compilation album featuring the very best modern exponents of the Erhu. The music is international and quite stunning!
Teresa's Blues
(listed in our Erhu section)
Image: Tien Chau San - Click to Enlarge Tien Chau San
有没有人告诉你 陈楚生
You love my dog more than you love me!
Image: Wang Shi Xian and Chen Hao sing 'Blood Red' - Click to Enlarge Wang Shi Xian & Chen Hao
王识贤 陈好
Blood Red
Classic song from another era
Image: Wang Xiu and Lu Kong sing Love Me In My Lifetime - Click to Enlarge Wang Xiu &
Lu Kong
王 秀
陆 孔
We Sat Face to Face or
Love Me in My Lifetime
Image: Ye Ailing and Lin Qiong Long - Click to Enlarge Ye Ailing
Lin Qiong Long
Stop Look Listen
A beautiful song about impossible love.
Image: Yoo Young Seok - Click to Enlarge Yoo Young Seok 灰色空间
Gray space
Image: Zheng Feng - Click to Enlarge Zheng Feng
When you think you will miss me
All links correct at time of publication (4.12.2010) - but they may change over time. Please report any broken links and we will correct them.

As far as we are aware, all information and downloads are either reproduced here with expressed permission, or obtained from reliable free resources, and comply with International Property Rights.

This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals. Please contact us 'Now' if you think there is a problem, and we will rectify the situation immediately.
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Image: Wong Ka Kui

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Image: Liu Fang - Click for video Tien Qua

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