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Making a Silk Fan by Hand In Guilin
Study Abroad
This page offers general advice regarding Study Opportunities Abroad (May 2009)
Whatever your study needs, China Expats is here to help you find the right course for you

China Expats works with partners worldwide to bring you the widest range of courses and personal study options. We work with partner institutions from all parts of the world, and aim to bring you the best education available

Education is a very big subject, and initially you will think about studies in China or a Western Country such as England. So if your need is to study English at Cambridge University in UK, Law at Harvard in USA, or Movie Making in California, USA, we can put you in touch with the right people

Our complete packages also offer IELTS tuition and examinations, and Foundation courses in China - so you are guaranteed a place of study before travelling abroad. We can even help you with your study visa, and offer support for housing, work, and adjusting to life in a foreign country

Our University Degrees and Medical Courses are covered in separate sections of this website

What else can I study?

* Movies
Why not spend a few years studying movies in California, USA?

We offer tailor made courses in co-operation with Peter Stanleigh, who runs a specialist Movie School and a large variety of courses from his base in Los Angeles. You can choose from Camera Studies, Sound, Music scores, Animation studio - as well as Acting Courses, which also include free screen-testing and studio filming for the best students.

The very best students are usually offered acting or technical position contracts by major film studio's, but this is up to you!

* Kung Fu
Locally known as 'Gongfu', Chinese Kung Fu is traceable back to around 5, 000 BC or earlier. For over 200 years, Foshan in China has been the world's premier Kung Fu Arts and Heritage centre, and offers several Schools of Excellence.

Kung Fu began in Foshan when the Imperial forces sacked the famous Shaolin Temple in Futian Province. Refugees fled amass, and many found shelter in Foshan. Most noteworthy was a diminutive man called Wong Fei Hong (Huang Fei Hong in Mandarin). His Father started the first Kung Fu School of Excellence in Foshan, and he + many others followed. Wong Fei Hong created a new style of fighting, and this has been a common form for practitioners to follow ever since

The next person you need to know about is called Ip Man, and he fought and won a battle with a Japanese General in Foshan. Recently China Film Studios has released a film about his life, which is very well worth watching. Whilst victorious in battle, Ip Man was shot in the neck by a Japanese lackey, and escaped with his life to Hong Kong. Later he returned to Foshan and started a new Gongfu School of excellence, which is now celebrated at The Ancestral Temple in the middle of Foshan City. In his latter years a regular pupil was a certain Bruce Lee ... and I am sure you have heard of him!

However, the modern focus of Gongfu in Foshan is currently based around a small hill called Xi Qiao (Where Wong Fei Hong's Father settled). Here you will find the Memorial, and also several schools all teaching Kung Fu

Whilst most classes cover several months, or years; there are special courses run for foreigners, and foreign experts are particularly welcome! China Expats can offer exclusive and bespoke deals for any Kung Fu holidays in Foshan, which will always include our full services

Disciplines include:
* Wong (Huang) Fei Hong Style
* Hun Ga
* Wushu
We can offer a package deals for:
* Jackie Chan Movie School in Hong Kong
* Bruce Lee parental home visit to Shunde, Daliang

* Wooden Barge Apprenticeships in London, England

China Expats works with the only surviving British craftsman's workshop in the whole of UK, who still service and built original canal barges
If you want to build wooden boats of the highest quality - Contact us directly

* Brewing Exchange
Want to learn how to brew beer or spirits like the professionals?
China Expats is pleased to offer these courses:
* Brew Whiskey in Scotland (Stirling)
* Brew Beer in England
* Brew Rice Wine (Moutou) in China
* Brew Beer (Larger) in China (Hunan)

Local Arts and Crafts
* Bamboo utensils
* China (Pottery)
* Silks and Embroidery (Ethnic Villages in China)
* Chinese Cookery - Many versions (Cantonese, Hunan, Sichuan, etc)

To round off this general category, we also offer Employability, Gap Year, and Independent Traveller resources to any with a Brave Heart
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This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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