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Guangzhou at Night as seen from a River Cruise Boat

Five Rams Statue

Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial

Zhenhai Tower stands on the top of Yuexiu Hill and Now Houses The City Museum

The Pearl River, Central Guangzhou

The Mosque, Usually called The Lighthouse

An Ancient Street

Locals Playing Chinese Chess on the Pavement

Local Police Taking a Break

Typical City Street

The Embankment

Part of Guangzhou Foreign Studies University

Guangzhou Fottball Statium
Tourist Guides for China
Guangzhou Tourist Guide (October 2010)
General Comments:

The modern Capital City of Guangdong Province since the Ming dynasty, and known as Canton, is a flourishing city of some 11 million people. It is China's Third City after Beijing and Shanghai. Guangzhou is also known as The Flower City, and The Southern Gate to China. Nationalities: Han, Li, Yao, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Manchu and She. Guangzhou is famous for: Yue Drama or Cantonese Opera, Famous Guangdong Folk Music: Bubugao and Xiyangyang; Handcraft: Traditional Ceramics, Ivory Carving, Sandalwood Fan. You shouold refer to Cantonese people as being 'Yue', but they are not an Ethnic Minority

With a written history of 2,200 years, Guangzhou is regarded as the earliest among the international trade port cities in the world; built as Chuting by the Chu people from the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in the 9th century B.C.; established as Nanhai Prefecture in the Qing dynasty and became Nanyue Kingdom in the Western Han dynasty; the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea which links China with the Arabian and western countries in trading; China's only foreign trade port at sea before the Qing dynasty


Please note that Guangzhou has attracted a large community of illegal Nigerian immigrants.

This means that if you have a negroid appearance and are in Guangzhou, you should 'Always' carry your passport and identity documents with you at all times!

You should also have immediate contact to a 'friend' who is fluent in: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. If you cannot be bothered to do this, then chances are you will be locked-up for 15 days on first offence - and then deported. You have been warned

It is such a shame that a few unprincipaled people can make life so unbearable for guenuine visitors to China, but such is modern life. The Nigerian's have done this themselves - along with being responsible for so much unsolicited international spam = it is untrue!

To redress the balance, China Expats does have genuine Nigerian friends worldwide. However in Guangzhou, the avarice of a few of thier country's outcast's has tainted the genuine needs of the many.

Bottom Line: If you could vagually be considered as Negroid, then always carry your passport in Guangzhou, and this most definitely includes USA citizens, whom we know have suffered very badly through the irresponsibility of their very distant cousins

This is not a politically or racially motivated statement, as we don't really care about such things. It is a hard fact of life in Guangzhou, and we are trying to offer you genuine advice for your safety and wellbeing. Ignore at your peril!

That stated, Guangzhou is one of the utmost intriguing cities in China, especially politically. They have supported the Central Government for over 2, 000 years, but still retain their own identity, culture - that of the "Yue People", and language (Cantonese is the only other 'official language' spoken in China). They are never refered to in news bullitin's or weather reports, and are never considerd to be a part of 'Southeast China'. They are very different. How come?

Well, this is a very difficult subject to put into words, as Cantonese is mainly a spoken language. The people are "Always Open" throughout history; and we still have to write our definitive history of these great people.

We are not ready to write this yet, not because we don't have historical facts - we have them in abundance. What we lack is an Internationally expoundable concepts of understanding. It is very like Great Britain and Ireland - except there is 'No problem'

Social and Shopping

In contrast, modern Guangzhou has many centres for shopping, most notable being Tianhe Plaza and Beijing Road. The city boasts over 18,000 restaurants of every conceivable style, and one treat is a night cruise down the Pearl River accompanied by dinner, dancing and music. Simply follow Beijing Road due South to the river and turn right (West). This area is home to the majority of Guangzhou nightlife, with a particularly good French restaurant nearby. At the end of this section of road you will find the River cruises


Guangzhou is served by a newly built International airport (Flight code CAN). Traffic is a major problem, and motorcycles are banned in parts of the city. To ease congestion new expressways and roads are continually being built, often being stacked up one on top of the other. There are numerous bus stations with coaches leaving to all parts of China. Local buses and Trolley Buses are cheap and frequent. Use taxi's if you are not sure and pay the meter charge + Y1 fuel surcharge. The only exception being the airport, where horrendous prices are charged. Outside the Arrivals Hall are many frequent buses which charge a fraction of the cost

There are also two mainline railway stations where trains to all major cities can be taken. This includes direct trains to Hong Kong Downtown, which are excellent, and boast one dozen staff to each First Class carriage

By far the best way to get around is via the Underground train system. Chinese call this the Subway, although you may also know them as Metro or Tube. There are currently eight main lines, with the system being greatly expanded over the coming years. During 2010 new links to Foshan, Canton Fair (Pazhou) and Panyu opened, thus greatly reducing congested roads. This is a very major undertaking, and development will continue until at least 2012

Guangzhou Metro Map - 2010 version includes Airport, Punyu, Canton Fair and Foshan line - In English and Chinese.


The Temple of Bright Filial Piety on Guangxiao Road is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Guangzhou and was the mansion of Prince Zhao Jiande of the Nanyue Kingdom during the Western Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D.24).

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, situated on Liurong Road, is a world famous ancient Buddhist temple. It was built in 537 in the Liang dynasty during the Southern dynasties (386-581).

Flowery Pagoda, built in 1097, is the major structure in this temple. Named for its colourful exterior, the pagoda stands 57 meters high in the centre of the temple; having a bronze column with 1,000 Buddhist sculptures on its top. Viewed from outside, the pagoda has nine stories while in fact it has 17 stories inside.

The Nanyue King's Tomb Museum, located in Jiefang road, stands on the site of the tomb of Emperor Wen, the second ruler during the Southern Yue Kingdom dating back to 100 B.C. The tomb was originally 20m under Elephant Hill and was discovered in 1983. More than 1000 burial objects were excavated, among which are a chariot, gold and silver vessels, musical instruments, and sacrificial human remains.

People like to describe the natural beauty of Guangzhou as the "pearl sea and white cloud". White Cloud Mountain is a park with natural hills and waters, ideal for sightseeing and as a summer resort, with a history of development of over 1,000 years. Described as the premier spectacle of Guangzhou by some brochures, the site is also widely known for the well-ordered traffic conditions. In good weather, travelling there is really rewarding and peaceful for those who choose to walk.

In recent times new tourist attractions have been created and these include facilities for water sports, Zoo, a golf courses, botanical gardens and a sculpture park.

Yuexie Park is Guangzhou’s biggest stretch of greenery, encompassing over 90 hectares of sports facilities, historic monuments, teahouses and shady groves. Besides a number of artificial lakes and a huge swimming pool, the park is renowned for its Zhenhai Tower and the Sculpture of the Five Rams.

Zhenhai Tower stands on the top of Yuexiu Hill in the northern suburbs, the 28-metre-high five-story tower - also known as the Five-story Pagoda - is a magnificent building, commanding a bird's-eye view of the whole city. The tower now houses the City Museum, with exhibits, which describe the history of Guangzhou from Neolithic times till the early part of this century.

British and French troops occupied the tower during the Opium Wars on account of its strategic location. The 12 cannons in front of the tower are from that time.

The Sculpture of the Five Rams, the symbol of Guangzhou, was erected in 1959. A beautiful legend said that long, long ago there were five celestial beings, who wore robes of five colours. One day they rode rams through the air to Guangzhou, each carrying a stem of rice. They presented to the people the auspicious sign from heaven and told them that the area would be free from famine forever. Later, according to the story, the city took a name: City of Rams, or just Goat City. Its official name Guangzhou, however, means 'broad region" in Chinese

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, situated in the original site of Sun Yat-sen's Presidential Office on the southern slope of Yuexiu Hill, is a memorial building built in 1931 with the funds raised by the Guangzhou people and overseas Chinese in memory of Sun Yat-sen, the pioneer of China's bourgeois democratic revolution. He is respected for fighting against the Japanese invaders, but died before the Cultural Revolution. His legacy remains today, as his followers are the ruling party in Taiwan

The Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family was built between 1890 and 1894 during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, and is the largest, best preserved, and best decorated ancient architecture existing in Guangdong province. The buildings are of traditional Guangdong style, and the temple is especially renowned for its beautiful decorations. Inside the temple, historical figures, legends, and scenes are represented in many art forms, including woodcarving, brick carving, and pottery carving, stone carving. In 1986, the State Council designated it as an important cultural relic. The temple now is the site of the Museum of Guangdong Folk Arts and Crafts.

Huaisheng Mosque is located on Guangta Road, Huaisheng Mosque, popularly known as the Light Tower Mosque, is one of the earliest mosques established following the introduction of Islam into China in the 7th century. An important feature is the minaret, which is 36 meters in height with a pointed tip. It has a typical Arabic architectural style. In the past sailors often climbed the minaret to observe weather conditions before going to sea and at night, the minaret used to serve as a beacon for the boats on the Zhujiang or Pearl River. Hence the name Light Tower

Baiyun Shan is the nearby mountain, offering a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can walk along the side of the mountain and visit a Buddhist temple

In the Suburbs, there are such scenic spot on Conghua Hot Springs, Xiqiao Hill Scenic spot in Foshan, as well as a Zoo and Ocean Park

Whilst Guangzhou remains a beautiful city with great local culture and arts, the emphasis remains focused upon commercial activities. Being the powerhouse of Guangdong Province's Special Economic Zone you will notice a frenetic rush similar to Hong Kong, and most unlike nearly all other Chinese cities. Foreigner here tend to come for reasons of International Trade and other business, and not general sight-seeing. Tourists coming to China should definitely spend a couple of nights here, but may be better rewarded moving on and discovering other treasures China has to offer
This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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