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One of the most famous views of Guilin

Rural Chinese Ferry, River Li, Guilin

Making a Silk Fan by Hand In Guilin

Washing Clothes in the Li River, Guilin

Terraced Rice Fields, Yunnan Province

Tourists Cycling Along The River Li in Guilin

Local Fisherman of the Li River, Guilin. The Cormorant's are trained birds used for fishing! They can count up to 7 fish, after which time they will not dive again unless fed!

Local Farmer near Guilin

West Street - very entertaining or infamous? Take your pick and enjoy!

Local Wooden Houses of the Eastern Zhuang minority. Note the girls in foreground bringing the harvest home
Tourist Guides for China
Yangshuo Tourist Guide (October 2008)

General Comments:

Yangshuo is a town situated close to Guilin, the Li River and River Yulong. A visit here normally forms but one day of a 4-day tourist package to Guilin. We consider this to be an excellent place worthy of far greater investigation, and ideal for those seeking a quite week away from it all, and especially ideal for Independent Travellers.

This small town currently has about 300 assorted hotels and guest houses, and a room can be found here virtually at any time of year. Getting a good room with full Western facilities is more difficult, as you will probably expect a bathroom with Western toilet, air-conditioning in summer, Western food options, etc - so please contact our friends at Outside Inn, or see below for more details...

Yangshuo is a base for ethnic minority groups, and we list below areas worth visiting for: Rice Terracing, Native Villages, and general relaxed hiking trips. Bicycle hire is readily available, as are taxi's to drop you off and pick you up somewhere else later

Prices are generally very cheap, but facilities can be quite basic on occasions. If you consider 5* as 'roughing-it', then one night here will be enough for you. If you like to wander off for days and mix with the locals, then you are in heaven.

Where to Stay:
Outside Inn
A collection of historic local dwellings, refurbished by a Dutchman called Herbert who came to China many years ago, and fell in love with this part of the world

Working alongside local people, he has created what we think is a superb holiday experience. Rooms vary in size some can accommodate whole families, some come with air-con, and prices are very competitive. He also offers airport return transfers, all meals, and excursions from a few hours to several weeks duration.

Herbert also has Wireless internet installed for people with their own laptops, and computers for use by residents

Visit Yangshuo Outside Inn website for full details and contact information

What to Do

Local Attractions
1. Seriously consider a longer trip if you want a more relaxed and fulfilling visit - there are loads to see and do here abouts
2. Take a leisurely bicycle trip along the river - it is very flat and easy + superb scenery! There are marked cycle routes to Dragon Bridge and Moonhill
3. Rent a local raft and spend a few hours on the Yulong River
4. Visit the Longji Rice Terraces at nearby Pignan Village. You can also spend a few days here, and we recommend Liqing Guesthouse, which is owned by local friends of Herbert
5. Marked Hiking trails, from a few hours to several weeks. A local English speaking guide is available for a small fee
6. Rock-climbing is available by arrangement with local experts
7. Caving is also a must-do, and there are a variety of locations and experience levels to choose from

Further Afield
Guilin City is very close by, and you may fancy sampling the more Westernised shopping or nightlife?
9. Otherwise you would do very well to consider from the following options, which can be arranged during your stay by Herbert and his friends, or via local travel operators. Most are in local parts of Gaungxi Province (This is where you are), or in closely neighbouring Guizhou Province - One province I consider to be vastly underrated and explored:
    a. 2 Day biking trips from Xing Ping to Guilin
    b. 5 Day trip to “The Other side of Guilin?” Stay with Eastern Zhuang Ethnic Minority villagers in Zhaoxing Village. They live in wooden houses with; animals below, living accommodation on the first (British 2nd) floor, with grain, storage and supplies above. Tourism and exposure to nearby modern China is changing these peoples lives at break-neck pace ... so be quick if you want to see the real thing.
Note: China Expats is extremely worried about loosing these and similar cultural heritages: see below...
    c. The Cormorant Fishermen of Guilin, as pictured in the black & white picture to your left, are virtually extinct now. The old men still continue their traditional methods of fishing - except nowadays it is usually only a show for tourists. Commercial fishing practices have wiped out their traditional livelihood and ways of life. As stated in the mouseover: these cormorants can count up to 7 fish caught, and after that they refuse to dive again unless they are fed = end of work for the day!
    d. 6 to 12 days Travelling through mountains and along rivers to meet several different minority people such as: the Miao, the Dong, the Zhuang and the Yao.

Much of this information was provided by Herbert and his friends with local knowledge. We have supplemented this with our own contributions, observations, and experiences. China Expats and Team do not have any business arrangements with Outside Inn nor owners and staff, we are just trying to help each other-out, and provide you with information and unforgettable experiences. For full information please see:
Herbert, Thank You for allowing us to use the above information
The page referred to above also has some great pictures!

Yangshuo is as near as most Foreigners will easily come to seeing real and rural China. The Ethnic Minority mixes are exceptional, and at specific times of year, you can still witness their local celebrations, dances, music, and traditions. All local people live off the land and rivers; nowadays being supplemented by increasing tourism. Nearby Guilin was once a small District Capital, it is now a smog-ridden western-style city

Independent Travellers will love Yangshuo, and especially what Herbert and his friends are trying to accomplish. We suggest you use this as a base and go explore...

It is the ordinary people that make China such a great Country

See our dedicated page for Independent Travellers here

This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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