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Tourism in China
This page offers general advice regarding Tourism in China (September 2008)
Planning a Holiday or Visit to China?
Get the information you need here

Exotic & Breathtaking, The Land of the Dragon awaits intrepid explorers with a wonderfully warm welcome...

China is a fantastic Country - Totally Wonderful & Mind-Boggling, and real! Whether you come to take time out for personal development, study, or just seek 'Something Completely Different' - you will find everything and so ... so much more in excess. China is also a very old Country, steeped in tradition, ancient culture and oriental mystery

Current archaeology has unearthed Chinese settlements dating back over 20,000 years. Chinese writing existed 11,000 years ago, but has only become available to common people within the last 100 years

Education in China has always been highly revered, as have scholastic and artistic pursuits. Chinese people have been responsible for many First's in World History - Gunpowder, spinning Silk, Ceramics and special glazes, Opera, and Personal Deportment

Modern China is a very advanced, with new cities being built and cars everywhere. Rural China is still largely peasant village based, but even this is changing. This makes China unique, the mix of old and new, traditional and modern

Looking forwards; China overtook UK as the World's 4th largest economy in early 2007, and will supercede Germany later in 2009. Japan will be the economys' next victim Circa 2020 - leaving only a direct challenge to the USA. China also has a space program, has successfully sent several Astronauts into orbit, and plans a manned mission to Mars Circa 2030

China is called so because of the Qin empire Circa 200bc. Qin is pronounced 'Chin' in modern English, and 'Ah' is a familiar term - hence 'Chin-Ah', or China. Qin is also the family name of 'The Yellow Emperor' = The first person to unite China into one Country, and a figure highly revered even to this day, as the Original Founder of China

The International tourism industry is very new to China. Apparently my home city of Foshan is the Number 1 World destination for Kung Fu enthusiasts worldwide - having World Leading Schools for Wong fei hong (Huang Fai Hong) and Wushu disciplines. There is absolutely no tourism industry to support this whatsoever = nobody will understand what you are talking about!!! So contact me if you want to come, or just need some sensible information + a local guy walking these particular streets - who understands what you want. 'Here is China!' as we say...

On the other hand - mass tourism is exploited a little: trips to The Great Wall, Forbidden City, and other things Foreigners are presumed to want to see ... or endure? If you do this 5/7-Star*, hire private drivers, eat French one night, and experiment with Ukrainian the next - then all I can say you may have walked on Chinese soil, but you never left Europe or Milwaukee at all!

To know China, you first need to know their ordinary people, so take time-out to meet them and share a drink and some food on local back-streets - you will never be disappointed. You will become enriched as a person for sharing such simple things with them 'doing what they are doing'.


China has recently tightened the rules regarding issue of Tourist (L type) visa's. Please check the Chinese Embassy in your home Country for specific details.
Generally you will need:
1..Passport with blank pages and 9-months validity (Generalised and conditional)
2. Return air tickets or itinerary (This is the flight confirmation you receive in liu of tickets)
3. Confirmation of hotel booking in China (Also called an itinerary) or a personal invitation from a Chinese National which includes all their specified personal details. Tip: It is practicable to make a hotel reservation for the entire length of your stay and use this re your visa application. You can then change the booking after the visa is issued
4. If you are not staying in a hotel, you will need to register with the local Police - it is a simple formality, but requires passport type photos - and copies of your personal passport page, current visa, and entry stamp;which you should provide. Despite what regulations dictate, the one local Police Office normally dealing, will usually only work 'Bank Hours'
5. If you are visiting either Hong Kong or Macao, then you will probably need a multi-entry visa, as each time you re-enter the mainland from either Principality counts as one visa entry to China
6. Special restrictions and additional permission are needed to visit certain areas - such as Tibet

Please see our visa section for full details

Your Destination:

Normally entry into China is fairly straight-forward

Entry from both Hong Kong and Macao, or via international flight etc, to any major city is quite common and easy.

Initial Advice:
Please see our General Tourism page for 10 Tips concerning your first visit to China. These are supported by in-depth fact sheets as below:

Info Sheets
Over the years I have written several information sheets for first-time visitors to China. They cover all things I can think of, including: Weather, Electricity (220 V), Customs and Practices, Food and Drinks, etc. I intend to edit these into a single Word document and make it available for download very soon. In the meantime, if you would like the unedited version, then please ask via our Contact Page and I will return immediately

I have also produced several Word documents for general and local sight-seeing, City Breaks, and tours of greater China. Again, I wish to edit them before offering them here, but if you would like one please Contact Us and state places of interest

Notes for Independent Travellers Only:

We can offer practical advice and local knowledge, supported by experiences from other independent travellers who have gone before you. Contact Us for further information, stating you intended destination or what you would like to experience. We can also give you a free point of contact whilst in China = ourselves. We live here and understand how China works!

See our dedicated page for Independent Travellers here
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This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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