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Making a Silk Fan by Hand In Guilin

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Zhaoqing at Night - Seen from 7-Stars Lake and Crags

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Local Fisherman of the Li River, Guilin. The Cormorant's are trained birds used for fishing! They can count up to 7 fish, after which time they will not dive again unless fed!
Visa Charges
Chinese Visa's Issued in China Only!

This includes Hong Kong and Macao

The 'Comedy of Errors' continues unabated, despite relaxation of visa rules and issuance criteria in China following the Olympics. This is how it is today (7th September 2009):
Current Visa Renewal Charges
(Updated 7th September)

1. Charges - Renewal in China Mainland
• Only applies to 'Advanced Nations' (USA, UK, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, etc)
• Usually takes more than 2-weeks for visa to be issued on the Mainland, allow 3-weeks for safety

2. Charges - Renewal in Hong Kong or Macao
• Charges in Hong Kong and Macao are very similar or slightly higher
• Different criteria apply depending upon your Nationality eg. British citizens usually get their new visa next day whilst USA citizens usually have to wait 3-days. Charge is the same

Please contact our good friend Nancy from ChinaBiz21 in Guangzhou for full information and latest prices. They also have offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Image - ChinaBiz21_Logo Contact
  Nancy Li
2206 Citic Plaza, Guangzhou ... (Also Hong Kong & Shenzhen)
+86 020 2831 3523
+86 135 600 73294
+86 020 2831 3554 - 3523 and 020 2831 3556
Prices given as a guideline only.
The actual charge and issue criteria may vary without notice, and vary from Agent to Agent
Type Known as: Notes Price
Issue in Hong Kong Only:
L Tourist Visa 3 month multi entry with 30 day maximum stay $HK 2300
    3 month double entry with 30 day maximum stay $HK 1700
    3 month single entry with 90 day maximum stay $HK 1350
    Price for next day issue  
    Prices much less for 4-day issue period  
F Business L to F - 3 month double entry $HK 4600
    F - 3 month double entry $HK 2300
    F to F, F to F - 6 month multi entry $HK 5700
Issue in Mainland China Only:
Z Work Permit Also (Wrongly) called 'Chinese Green Card'  
    1 year ¥ 13,000
    2 year ¥ 20,000
3. Sources:

China Biz 21
The Chinese visa charges for Z Work Visa are as given by Nancy of ChinaBiz21 in June 2009, and are still current (7th September 2009)
b. Their visa prices for issue in China are usually lower than those given above for Hong Kong
c. Visa issue normally takes 2-weeks (Hong Kong is next day)

CITS (China International Travel Service)
d. Prices as given above, effective on 20th August 2009
e. Location: 2nd floor, Alpha House, 27-33 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsiu, Kowloon
f. Contact tel: (Hong Kong - 00852) 2315 7188
g. How to get there:
Stand at the beginning of Nathan Road with your back to the sea and Hong Kong Island (The Peninsula Hotel will be over on your left). Get on the left hand pavement (Sidewalk), and head up Nathan road for about 300 yards. Just after passing HSBC VIP (Privilege ?) Bank, turn left into the next side street. The entrance is about 20 yards down this road, and up some steps. Their staff speak good English.
Other visa's :

It is illegal to work in China on an 'L' or 'F' visa!

To work in China you must have a 'Z' visa, which is effectively your work permit, (Or 'D' visa = Residency). Exceptions include only Journalists, subject to status. If you are teaching in China, or working for reward, you must get a 'Z' visa

Since regulations were tightened prior to the Olympics, many Chinese Companies and official institutions have lost the Certification to invite Foreigners for work. They try and get round this by telling you it is a "Part-time" contract. However, this leaves you liable to prosecution, so don't do it!

You can apply personally for a 'Z' visa, but you will need the co-operation of your employers in order to be successful

Please contact our good friend Nancy Li from ChinaBiz21 if you need a 'Z' visa
Otherwise contact us directly for further information pertaining to your personal situation.
Best Advice: Your smile is your biggest resource, use it generously :-)
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