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Chinese Visa's Issued in China Only!

So you may wonder what is the latest visa situation?

The 'Comedy of Errors' continues unabated, despite relaxation of visa rules and issuance criteria in China following the Olympics. This is how it is today (9th June 2009):

Please note:

China has updated all visa's, introducing several new categories. We will be renewing this page to reflect recent changes, but in the meantime, please see the Chinese Embassy website for your home Country.

One significant change, is that 'virtually' all visa's of one year in length or over , now require a Criminal Record check, available from the Chinese Embassy of your home Country.

Current Visa News:- Visa's now available again in China
(Updated 9th June 2009)

1. Renewal in China Mainland Only
(Excluding Hong Kong and Macao):

'L' & 'F' Type Visa's:
Chinese Visa Madness still in effect - continuing to make life difficult for those Foreigners actually living in China

3 and 6 month 0/1/2/multi entry visa's for both L and F types are once again available in China (Canton and other major centres) and Hong Kong/Macao for Western Expats. Upgrades from 'L' to 'F' type are available


a. Complete courier service available from reputable Agents
b. Allow 2-weeks minimum for door-to-door processing
c. Hassle free and a great way to renew
d. You will need a 'Temporary Certificate of Residence' if you do this
e. For 'F' visa you must never have overstayed your permitted time
f. The visa you can apply for is equivalent to the best visa you ever had. Therefore if you currently hold an 'L' visa, but previously held an 'F', then subject to reasonable checks, you should again be able to get an 'F' visa
g. Different rules and pricing criteria are applicable to Mainland China (Cheaper) vs Hong Kong or Macao

Duration of stay:
1. 90 Days and 30 Days (maximum stay) both available on 'L' visa with single entry = pay attention!
2. Double entry visa will normally only be 2 x 30 days!
3. 6-months continuous stay on unrestricted multi-entry 'F' visa.
4. Some 'F' visa's may limit period of stay to 30-days each visit = Be careful and don't presume anything!
5. The good news:

No need to turn up in person, no need to fill in forms, no need to go to Hong Kong = full courier services once again restored. One photo only + some Money required. The Temporary Residency restrictions have also been relaxed, but you do still need to do this until we tell you otherwise

Z Visa
1 year and 2 year Work Permit or Z visa now available - please ask for details

Please contact our good friend Nancy from ChinaBiz21 in Guangzhou for full information

Image - ChinaBiz21_Logo Contact
Nancy Li
2206 Citic Plaza, Guangzhou ... (Also in Hong Kong & Shenzhen)
+86 (0)20 2831 3523 (Guangzhou) or +86 (0)755 3304 3438 (Shenzhen)
+86 135 600 73294
+86 020 2831 3554 - 3523 and 020 2831 3556
2. Renewal in Hong Kong or Macao:

Because renewal on the Chinese Mainland is strictly monitored and usually takes at least 2-weeks, many Expats still prefer to renew in Hong Kong or Macao. This is how it is today:

The basic criteria is the same as above, but charges and delivery time differ radically. However, Chinese visa's are readily available in both SAR's.

Some points to note:
The visa issue time in Hong Kong or Macao will normally be 1-day for most Westerners, although Americans can expect to wait 4-days.
b. This holds true for most Foreigners (UK, USA, Europe, Canada and Australia), but other nationalities may have far greater renewal problems. We are currently trying to resolve this issue for some South African friends, whilst a Malaysian friend has given up and moved to Hong Kong!
c. Issue procedures are very simple and efficient
d. Consider using any branch of China Travel Service (Hong Kong), or a reliable agent.
e. Visa's are available at Hong Kong Airport, but the required overnight stay makes this a tad awkward unless you are in transit
f. Traditionally, visa's are obtained in Hong Kong from the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 26 Harbour Road, Wan Chai. However, whilst they are still listed for official visa issue, in practice the service is currently suspended

a. Charges are likely to be double those of Mainland issue, with 6-month multi-entry 'F' visa's currently being touted for around HK$ 8, 000!
b. A 3-month 'L' visa is likely to cost around HK$ 1, 650 for single entry with either 30 day or 90 day limit of stay - be wary! Price is the same for both versions with next-day service. 4-day service will cost around HK$ 700, but staying in Hong Kong is relatively expensive, especially if visa renewal is your only reason for visiting.

3. Visa Factfile:
a. The Chinese visa is only issued in your home country. Any renewal in Mainland China or SAR is strictly considered to be an extension to your existing visa.
b. Of course, Point-of-Entry visa's are also available
c. For the last year or more, China has operated a policy which effectively tries to force people to get their visa renewed in their home Country
d. Renewal in home Country is viewed as a new application, and new visa.
e. Normally these visa's will have a maximum 30-day stay limit

Other visa's :

It is illegal to work in China on an 'L' or 'F' visa!

To work in China you must have a 'Z' visa, which is effectively your work permit, (Or 'D' visa = Residency). Exceptions include only Journalists, subject to status. If you are teaching in China, or working for reward, you must get a 'Z' visa

Since regulations were tightened prior to the Olympics, many Chinese Companies and official institutions have lost the Certification to invite Foreigners for work. They try and get round this by telling you it is a "Part-time" contract. However, this leaves you liable to prosecution, so don't do it!

You can apply personally for a 'Z' visa, but you will need the co-operation of your employers in order to be successful

Please contact our good friend Nancy Li from ChinaBiz21 if you need a 'Z' visa

Otherwise contact us directly for further information pertaining to your personal situation.
Best Advice: Your smile is your biggest resource, use it generously :-)
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