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Asia Games 2010
The Asia Games are similar in stature to the Commonwealth Games and open to all asian countries. They are held every four years, and in the same year as the Commonwealth Games.

This quadrennial they are being held in the southeastern Chinese cities of:
Guangzhou and nearby Foshan (Collectively known as Canton).
Asia Games 2010 - Guangzhou (Canton)
The games begin in October with a torch relay commencing in Beijing, before spending one month carrying the flame around Guangdong Province.

The games commence on 7th November with football only. This is a long tournament so begins before most other events. However the games officially begin with the opening ceremony held at 8pm China time (GMT + 8) in Guangzhou main stadium.

13th November sees the main events start properly, but they are staggered well so that spectators can have ample opportunity to view their favourite sports and travel between the many venues.

Fans of athletics will have to wait for track and filed to begin on 21st, and similar dates are set for wrestling, cycling and diving.

A full schedule and results service in several languages can be found here in the Games official website, and we give you this link as we cannot better it.

All stadiums are brand new and purpose built for the games, as are the athletes villages and press facilities. A total of 55 sports will be contested with 3, 989 medals due to be awarded.

There have been major improvements to infrastructure with the Guangzhou metro now extended to Foshan and running close to the Foshan venues and athletes village. The same is true for Guangzhou itself.

In addition to this a fleet of new environmentally friendly buses have been put into service, and major road improvements over several years should allow for the easy passage of visitors.
For a more detailed information please see the official website:
October 9, Games Communication & Promotion Department of GAGOC organised a venues tour, inviting media to Asian Games Town Gymnasium for interviews
October 9, Games Communication & Promotion Department of GAGOC organised a venues tour, inviting media to Asian Games Town Gymnasium for interviews. Image Courtesy of official website.
The Asia Games are based in Guangzhou and Foshan Cities, Guangdong Province, China.
All Asia games venues are within 1-hour's car journey from central Guangzhou, and most within 30 minutes by car and taxi. Signing is international and easy to follow, being in both Chinese and English.

International visitors will find it convenient to fly into either Guangzhou or Hong Kong airports, whilst Shenzhen also has a semi-international airport for those on a budget. Foshan has a regional airport which connects to many major cities within China only.

Guangzhou is a very major railway destination linking to all national and several international cities. Foshan is connected to the Guangzhou hub by both heavy passenger rail and the new Metro extension line.
Google Map - Click to View interactive map
Click to View Larger Interactive Map
For more detailed information concerning the cities themselves; where to stay, how to get around, and what to do at night - please see our City Guides:
Guangzhou Foshan Hong Kong
What You Should Know
We have no intention of trying to better or copy the official information, which is excellent!

Our work her is to provide personal back-up services and to offer real advice. Here are a few pointers, but please contact us directly for more personal and in depth support for your visit
  1. Prices for everything you encounter in a mainstream way will be a lot higher than normal. Airfares are about triple normal price for this time of year, so look closely at Hong Hong and Shenzhen airports for comparison.
  2. Hotels will also be marking up their prices considerably, so if all you need is a place to sleep consider foregoing the ridiculously expensive luxury of a top hotel and book a standard Chinese on (Travelodge standard) for near to normal rates (Say - Y150 to Y300 RMB per double room per night).
  3. Airport taxis will be doubling their already horrendous charges, so catch the airport express coach and save Y1K RMB. Better still, contact us and we will arrange a fair price with one of many private drivers = your own chauffeur.
  4. Buy games souvenirs from official outlets inside the venues. China is always bizarre in that the cheap copies are sold at far higher prices outside the main stadiums and tourist attractions.
  5. Don't be afraid to haggle the price, but pay without haggling if it already appears to be reasonable to you.In general local traders will speak Cantonese and not rip you off. Itinerant hawkers will speak Mandarin and try for as much as they think they can get.
  6. Pay taxi fares on the meter only! It is technically illegal in China to not offer a metered fare - but this is never enforced.
China Expats are pleased to offer services to any guests visiting this wonderful location for the games. We charge only local rates and are able to support you with things such as:
  1. Personal multi-lingual guide - available for just the games you wish to visit, or to help you enjoy your evenings and sightseeing also.
  2. Private drivers for games and social or sightseeing use + airport transfers. Many types and sizes available including modern SUV's and minibuses.
  3. We know Foshan intimately, and Guangzhou very well. We can tailor your visit to include Religious or Culinary specifics, and probably anything you care to throw at us!
  4. Perhaps your group includes a spouse or element that is not overly interested in the Games themselves? We can arrange alternative sightseeing and entertainment for children and grown-ups who want to do something different - all at local Cantonese rates.
Remaining totally unbiased and helpful souls, we also remain open to helping any athletes and sports' men or women who are experiencing personal distress in China.

This extends to your personal welfare,
but not your politicking which we are totally uninterested in.
Welcome to China Expats Asia Games 2010 Page, your bridge between east and west. Advice and resources for tourists, businessmen, students, and foreigners living in China.
We are a Hong Kong registered company.
Best Advice: Your smile is your biggest resource, use it generously :-)
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