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Frequently Asked Questions
These questions are taken from direct enquiries and site searches
The answers are supplemental to information already available
For immediate answers, please either post in our Forum, or contact us directly  
Category Buy a House - Visa Required?
Q What type of visa do I need to buy a house in China?
A Normally you need to have worked in China for at least 1 year and have a Z visa (work permit). You can also buy a house if you have a D visa (Residency), or are married to a Chinese National
Please see Buying a House for full details
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Category Fast Food - KFC
Q Are there any KFC's in Foshan?
A Foshan like all major Chinese cities has many KFC outlets. You will find them at most 'plaza's', and there is usually one every half mile along a main city road. If you see a MacDonald's, Pizza Hut or Starbuck's, then there will nearly always be a KFC nearby.
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Category Spanish Salon, Foshan
Q Is there a Spanish language Salon in Foshan?
A Yes there is. China Expats does hold a Spanish Salon whenever there is public interest and available foreign teachers. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our next group
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Category Visitor Registration with Police
Q Do foreigners visiting china need to register with the local police?
A Yes and No.
If you are staying at a hotel, then the staff will automatically fill in your temporary registration card and inform the Police. This way you will not receive a paper Certificate. This is usual for short stay visitors and businessmen

If you are not staying at a hotel then you must register at the local designated Police station within 24 hours (Theory). In practice this is usually the next available working day, and times between 9 am and midday; or 2pm and 4.30 are best. They will give you a Certificate with an official read seal (Stamp). You will need your passport with current visa, photocopies of main passport page and visa page showing entry stamp, one photograph, and somebody to help you fill in a short Chinese form.
Please see Temporary Certificate of Residence
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Category Foshan Dialect
Q What language and dialect is spoken in Foshan?
A People in Foshan speak Mainland Cantonese correctly called 'Guangzhouhua' (Cantonese = 'Gongzhaowah'). It is the largest of the 4 main branches of Cantonese (The others being: Taishanese, Northern Cantonese, and the official Cantonese of Hong Kong which very few people actually speak).

The local people in Foshan speak a specific dialect of Guangzhouhua called 'batwah', and this is local to the main city only. It is generally spoken more exuberantly and has richer and more rounded tones. It also has specific words that only other local people will understand. It is spoken by over 1 million people.

Incidentally, Foshan does have quite a few foreigners, and supports many ethnic minority and migrant workers. Therefore many versions of Mandarin can also be heard. Most people will automatically presume a foreigner who is speaking Chinese will be speaking Mandarin. They never actually listen properly to identify the actual language you are speaking. Therefore it may take them a long time to realise you are actually speaking 'Batwah' or Cantonese. Here is China!
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Category Marriage in China
Q Can a foreigner get married in China?
A Yes. The process is quite simple in practice, and also quite common. Jonno our CEO married a Chinese girl in Tai Shan during 2008. Please see our page Getting Married in China for full details
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Category Marriage in China
Q Certificate of non Impedance?
A The Certificate of non-Impedance is a simple process similar to having the bans read in UK. It is where your home government confirm there is no reason why you cannot get married (Like you are already married etc). It takes 21 clear days = 23 days, and you must marry at your Chinese partners home registered city within 3 months or before your current visa expires (Could leave you a few days only!). Apply at your Governments Consulate in China. Full information here
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Category Visa Charges
Q How much does a visa cost for USA citizens in Hong Kong?
A One year before the Olympics there was a fixed and fair set of instructions for visa issue (Renewal) in both Hong Kong, Macao, and on the Mainland. Since the Olympics things have not returned to normal, and it is basically a lottery that is in continual flux. Charges are exorbitant and whilst there are guidelines issued from Beijing, there appears to be no control over the agencies who offer visa renewal services. You can no longer apply for a visa at Chinese Government offices in Central either

In response to this question we have added a new visa page detailing visa charges here
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