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Skin Blemishes, Sores and Burns
Living for a length of time in a very different climate can naturally bring about changes to ones skin. I have described how skin changes in our complimentary page Weird Maladies

This page is designed to detail some minor problems you may encounter, and what to do to remedy them in China.


These are common for 20-something girls and appear on the face. Girls do not like this a lot!

The problem is usually caused directly by diet, as Guangdong (Canton) is a very hot location, and this is exacerbated by eating hot food: chilli and curry for instance. The easy remedy is to stop eating these foods.

Sometimes the problems persist, although this is usually limited to Chinese people from colder regions of China. The normal remedy is to go to a reputable beauty parlour and undergo a course of treatment. This may cost several thousand RMB, but does work over a course of treatment lasting several weeks.

Blemishes, Cuts and Burns

These are minor things like cuts and fat burns that we can easily get just through living.

Fortunately there is an excellent product available that removes unsightly marks within a couple of days. I used it on a very bad cut, and was amazed how quickly it healed. My wife had similar results with a little facial discolouration due to the atmosphere in Foshan.

The bottom line is that it works, and very quickly!
Image: Oronine Ointment - Click to Enlarge

Heat Blisters and Freckles

Heat blisters are often experienced by caucasians used to cold climates, when they suddenly go to somewhere hot. Typically these are very small white spots that are very itchy.

During my first years in Guangdong I used to suffer from these, especially around the wrists and ankles. Then my skin changed to accommodate the heat, and now I occasionally get larger red spots that do not itch instead. I know these to be a new form of heat blister, and also know that most of them will turn into freckles on my skin. This means the new skin is now adjusted to the heat.
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