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Cooking Western Recipes in China
This page tells Expats how to cook familiar Western food using Chinese ingredients and kitchens.

One of your first problems is that Chinese kitchens invariably only consist of only 1 or 2 gas hobs, and possibly a very basic microwave if you are lucky. There will definitely be no: Oven, Grill, Hotplate, nor useful gadgets. Neither will you be able to replicate some ingredients - for instance I ship my curry powders from UK.

Our ever-growing recipe listings are as follows:
Food and Recipes:

British Recipes made in China    
Item Difficulty Time    
Batter Very Easy  A few minutes    
Béchamel Sauce Very Easy  A few minutes    
Béchamel Recipes Very Easy  A few minutes for most  
Beef burgers Very Easy  A few minutes  
Bread Easy 3 Hours    
   Pitta Bread Easy 3 Hours    
Butter Easy 1 Hour    
Cheese - Soft Medium 5 Hours (1 hours work + pressing and waiting)    
Cheese - Cheddar Medium + calendar At least 6 Months
Chinese 'Chippy' Curry  Easy Between 5 minutes and 6-hours, it depends how long you slow simmer it for.
Corned Beef Easy 1 Week    
Cornish Pasty Easy 1 Hour    
Curry - Potatoe & Broccoli Easy 20 Minutes    
Curry - Prawn & Courgette Easy 15 Minutes    
Gravy Very Easy A few minutes    
Hamburgers Very Easy A few minutes    
This recipe also includes fast-food style breakfast muffins, and hamburgers in gravy.    
Mayonnaise Very Easy A few minutes    
Mushroom Soup Very Easy A few minutes    
Paté Very Easy 10 minutes + cooling time
Pork Pies Easy About 3 Hours total
Salad Cream Very Easy A few minutes    
Sausages British Bangers Medium An hour (Varies)    
Sausages Medium A couple of hours (Varies)    
Scotch Eggs Very Easy 25 Minutes    
Shepherds Pie Easy 1 Hour    
Spare Ribs Very Easy 2 hours    
Splodge Easy 30 minutes    
Yorkshire Pudding Easy 30 Minutes    

This page will expand over time, and include other things such as DIY in China. China Expats are working on this, but time is limited due to other obligations. Therefore we ask for your patience as this should be online during April 2010

China Expats is a free online community, so please email us with your comments and experiences if you feel that there is something you can add that benefits others
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals.
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