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How Do I Make ... ?
British Bangers (Sausages)
In theory, sausages are pretty simple to make - just grind up some meat and put the results into a skin (Casing). Cook and ... wonder what went wrong. Perhaps there is more to it...

The skill lies in balancing the herbs, spices, fat content, and size. Therefore we should add that to make a decent sausage is quite a skilled pastime. However, these skills are related to making other delights not found in China such as: Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls, Cornish Pasties, Scotch Eggs, Faggots and Haggis.

This recipe is for British readers who want to make real British Bangers. Our sister page features Hank Shaw and deals with other types of sausages - Click for Page

Recipe Source:
Image: British Bangers - Click to Enlarge David Whittall, Cebu, The Philippines
Cebu Britclub

Quick Tips:

1. Keep everything as cold as possible - and we mean everything being just above or below freezing temperature!
2. Avoid excess grinding, and don't use the meat grinder's sausage stuffing attachment (It gets too hot).
3. Experiment with herbs and fat content (The harder and higher the fat content, the better the sausages in general), and you will find that you can make all manner of Sausages, Bratwurst, Salami, etc
Let's get started:- David Whittall's British Bangers
5 teaspoons Ground white pepper
2 1/2 teaspoons Mace
2 1/4 teaspoons Salt
2 teaspoons Ground ginger
2 teaspoons Rubbed sage
1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg

2 1/2 pounds Boneless lean pork shoulder, cut in cubes
1 pound Fresh pork fat, cut in cubes
1 1/2 cups Dry bread crumbs
1 1/4 cups Chicken broth
3 1/2 teaspoons Banger seasoning (see above)

Grind pork and fat together using fine hole disc of meat grinder. Add Banger Seasoning. Mix well. Grind again. Force mixture into casings and tie in 4-5 inch lengths.
Image: Hanks Italian Sausages. Click for Hank's website

Image: Sausage breakfast - Click to Enlarge

Without the right 'Rusk', 'Casings' and 'Seasoning' it would be difficult to make a British Sausage like the 'Whittall's British sausage' that I produce like my ol man. Having said that it is possible to make decent sausages at home with some basic equipment and the right ingredients.

Additional Information

An excellent guide to British Sausages by a Master sausage maker. The main link is to a Forum posting by him from Cebu, Philippines, but we have copied this into Word format just in case the posting gets lost over the years:

David's Home Page

David's Forum link (Sausage recipe)

Recipe - Word document

Thank you David for sharing this delicious recipe with us.

Special Equipment Needed for basic sausage:
Meat grinder with coarse and fine dies - either KitchenAid with grinder attachment, a stand-alone grinder, or an old fashioned hand-cranked meat grinder (Best of all).

Note: China does not appear to do electronic meat grinders, so I brought out the one I inherited from my Irish Grandmother - and it works a treat + great exercise!

Additional Equipment Needed for Stuffed Sausage Links
Casings - hog casings
Sausage stuffer
Wooden rack to hang sausages to dry

Note: China doesn't do pre-prepared sausage skins either. However, every Chinese wet market has a vast array of intestines - which is how sausages were originally made of course. Therefore all you need to do is buy a long string of intestines, clean them thoroughly, and put the sausage mixture into them. Simple, if a tad messy!

Note 2:
We haven't even bothered to go looking for an electronic sausage stuffer in China, which basically means you have to put the meat into the intestines yourself. Plastic tubes and ramrods appear to work, but again refer to Hank's advanced blog for technical details.

Additional Recipes and Information:    
Hank Shaw's website if brilliant, and offers more hints and tips for beginners:

These sausages will keep for a week in the fridge (Refrigerator), but freeze those that will not be used by then. The linked Recipe makes 5 lbs of sausage, or about 15-20 links.
Hank is certainly a 'Gem' in the world of DIY sausage making, but he also has advice on how to cook and BBQ them. Please click below for more advanced recipes and methods + read all of the blog, as there is a lot of useful information there also:

Thanks Hank, Expats really appreciate your websites and detailed methodology.

Interestingly, China does offer a vast array of sausages - all of which have 20 million tons of sugar added to each mouthful, making them totally inedible to anyone who has a taste palate!

We hope to follow this shortly with the method required for preparing the intestines as casings - or just get your Chinese wife to do it for you if you are brave enough? She will cuss you, but will love eating the finished product!

There are a variety of recipes to spice up sausages as well. Some people even use bottles of hot sauce and mayonnaise to make a spicy dip for their sausages. Another use for hot sauce bottles is to add hot sauce to ground pork to create some spicy breakfast sausages.
Image Link: Jen Reviews website - Jenn contacted me to introduce her great website, which is full of terrific recipes and food facts. I have linked to her delicious baked zucchini stuffed with chourico and cream cheese recipe, complete with step-by-step pictures and detailed instructions here:

This recipe lends itself to personal adaption, so try it with stuffed chillie peppers or capsicums.
Image Link: - Recipes for making sausages, and recipes for making dishes with sausages. Excellent and clean site that is easy to navigate and use. - another excellent photo guide, but with less methodology than Hank or David above.
The Cook's Thesaurus
A reasonable list of types of sausage, most with pictures and brief description. No recipes unfortunately, but interesting for sausage fans all the same.
Some extra information here
and recipes using sausages and similar here
Weston Supply USA) - a supplier of useful equipment and machinery
This information is as supplied by ourselves, and ably supported by our friends and various internet portals.

In addition we personally wish to thank David Whittall and Hank Shaw for sharing with us all their excellent skills and recipes.
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