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Yuen Biao

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  Yuen Biao 元彪 (born 26 July 1957) is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist from Nanjing, China. He specialises in acrobatics and martial arts and has worked on over 80 films as actor, stuntman and action choreographer. Along with Peking Opera School "brothers" at the China Drama Academy, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, he was one of the Seven Little Fortunes.

Born 夏令震 Xià Lìng-Zhèn (Hsia Ling-Jun) in Nanjing, he was the fifth child in a family of eight children. His family moved to Hong Kong and at the age of 6, he was enrolled at the Peking Opera School The China Drama Academy. He was given the stage name Yuen Biao (Little Tiger) and trained alongside schoolmates Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Corey Yuen, Yuen Wah and several others who would later become famous in Hong Kong cinema. He quickly showed a talent for acrobatics, and remained at the school until the age of 16. When he left, Yuen followed his classmate Sammo Hung into a career in the Hong Kong film industry

Yuen Biao has appeared in over 130 films to date. He has also played roles in 8 television series for Hong Kong channel TVB.

Early 1970s

In the early 1970s, Yuen began work as a stuntman and extra. After working on Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Yuen became a stunt double for Bruce Lee on Enter the Dragon, in 1973. He was also one of the "fake" Bruce Lees in Game of Death (1978), performing the acrobatics and stunts that the Bruce Lee "body double" (Taekwondo expert, Kim Tai Chung) was unable to perform. Yuen continued working as a stuntman, doubling for actors in Hong Kong action films and taking on supporting actor roles.

During his early acting period, he adopted the anglicised name Bill Yuen for use on the Hong Kong films that were released internationally. However, recognising the growing success of Jackie Chan, Golden Harvest were keen to give him a similar name, and on some international film prints, he was credited as Jimmy Yuen. Both anglicised names were later dropped.

Late 1970s and 1980s

In the late 1970s and early 80s, thanks to his good friends and former classmates, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, he began working more frequently as an actor. After his co-starring role in The Dragon, the Odds (1977) and his full lead role debut in Knockabout (1978), he starred in several successful films in the early 1980s, notably The Prodigal Son (directed by Sammo Hung) and Dreadnaught (directed by Yuen Woo-ping). He later co-starred alongside his Peking Opera "brothers", Chan and Hung, in Project A, Wheels on Meals and Dragons Forever, and also appeared in smaller roles in films such as Hung's original Lucky Stars trilogy.


Yuen's acting roles waned somewhat in the early 1990s, although he notably played a supporting role alongside Jet Li in Once Upon a Time in China (1991). In the late 1990s, films such as Hero (1997) co-starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and A Man Called Hero (1999) co-starring Ekin Cheng saw Yuen return to the big screen. During this time he began to concentrate more on television work and took lead roles in the series Righteous Guards and The Legend of a Chinese Hero in 1998.

Yuen Biao, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in Dragons Forever (1988), their final film together to date.


In 2000, Yuen went to the United States to work with Jackie Chan as the action choreographer on Shanghai Noon. In 2001, he co-starred alongside Hung in The Avenging Fist. Yuen also starred in a more comedic role in the 2002 Japan-HK film No Problem 2. He is best known for his acrobatic action scenes which often overshadow the work of his more famous co-stars, especially in films such as Eastern Condors (co-starring Sammo Hung) and Dragons Forever

In 2005, Yuen starred in a TVB series called Real Kung Fu with Yuen Wah, Maggie Siu, Leung Kar Yan, Jack Wu and one of Sammo Hung's sons, Timmy Hung.

In 2007 he finished filming the Wing Chun TV series (a remake of the 1994 series that had preceded the film Wing Chun) alongside Nicholas Tse, Sammo Hung and another of Hung's sons, Sammy Hung. Biao plays an elder version of the character Leung Jan, the role he played 25 years earlier in The Prodigal Son, and father to Tse's character. The series has since been re-edited for release as a film, entitled Shuang Long Ji (aka Legend of Twins Dragon). However, the film's release has been delayed as it has been banned in Mainland China for containing too much violence.

Yuen is scheduled to appear as a guest judge on the China Beijing TV Station reality television series The Disciple, which is currently airing in Mainland China and is produced by, and features Jackie Chan. The aim of the program is to find a new star, skilled in acting and martial arts, to become Chan's "successor", the champion being awarded the lead role in a film. It will conclude on June 7, 2008, with the series winner being announced in Beijing.

Yuen will also be starring alongside Leung Kar Yan and Ji Chun Hua in Legend of Shaolin Kung-fu II: Thirteen Cudgel Monks, a new film directed by Yuen Bun.

Directing and Producing

Though mainly known as an actor, Yuen co-directed Peacock King with Lam Ngai Kai in 1989 and made his full directorial debut with A Kid from Tibet in 1992. Yuen also has a co-directing credit on the 2004 film Boxer's Story, with Ivan Lai (Lai Kai-Ming).

Yuen also set up his own film production company, Yuen Biao Films Limited, which produced his films A Kid from Tibet and Once Upon a Chinese Hero aka Kickboxer (1993)

Personal life

In 1984, Yuen married Didi Pang (Pang Sau Ha). They have two children. Yuen has a second home in Canada where he enjoys pursuing his love of golf.

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Zhong hua ying xiong (1999) .... Boss
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... aka Chinese Hero (literal English title)
... aka Chung wa ying hung (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Legend of Hero

Millennium Dragon (1999) .... Ma Sar

"Righteous Guards" (1998) TV series .... Sima Bu Ping

Ma Wing Jing (1997) .... Tam See
... aka Hero (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Ma Yong Zhen (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Dong ong x sat yun fan (1997)
... aka File X Murderer (literal English title)
... aka Hunted Hunter (Hong Kong: English title)

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Mou mian bei (1995) .... Wong Yuk-Man
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... aka Don't Give a Damn (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Mo min bei (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

No hoi wai lung (1995)
... aka Nu hai wei long (China: Mandarin title) (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Mabangis na lungsod (Philippines: Tagalog title)
... aka Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Slop (Hong Kong: English title)

The First Assignment (1995)

Ma hei siu ji (1994) .... Han
... aka Circus Kid (UK)
... aka Circus Kids (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Ma xi xiao zi (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Kin chan no Cinema Jack (1993)

Huang Fei-Hong zhi gui jiao qi (1993) .... Lau Zhai
... aka Ghost Foot 7
... aka Kickboxer (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Once Upon a Chinese Hero (UK)
... aka Seventh Ghostly Leg
... aka Wong Fei Hung chi gwai geuk chat (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Liu zhi qin mo (1993) .... Lui Lun
... aka Deadful Melody (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Deadful Music
... aka Luk chi kam mo (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Six-Fingered Strings Demon
... aka The Magic Lyre

Xin bi xue jian (1993) .... Constable Yuen Shing Chi
... aka The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (Hong Kong: English title)

Rakuyô (1992) .... Tougetsu
... aka The Setting Sun (International: English title)

Huo tou fu xing (1992) .... Tang Tai-Chi
... aka Shogun & Little Kitchen (Hong Kong: English title)

Xi Zang xiao zi (1992) .... Wong La
... aka A Kid from Tibet (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Sai chong siu ji (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Wong Fei Hung (1991) .... Leung Fu
... aka Huang Fei-hong (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Once Upon a Time in China (Hong Kong: English title)

Baka yarô! 4 You! Omae no koto da yo 3 Sagi naru Japan (1991)

Luan shi er nu (1990) .... Little Tiger
... aka Shanghai Shanghai (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka The Shanghai Encounter (International: English title: dubbed version)
... aka This Shanghai Encounter

A Xiu-lo (1990) .... Kông Chùe' - Cameo
... aka A Sau-loh (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Kujaku ô: Ashura densetsu (Japan)
... aka Saga of the Phoenix (Hong Kong: English title)

Long feng zei zhuo zei (1990) .... Swordsman
... aka Dragon Versus Phoenix
... aka Licence to Steal (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Lung fung chaak juk chaak (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Thief Versus Thief

Ji dong ji xia (1989) .... Fong Sau-Ching
... aka The Iceman Cometh (Hong Kong: English title) (UK)
... aka Gap dung gei hap (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
Ji ji (1989) .... Cameo
... aka Black Dragon
... aka Kei chik (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Miracle
... aka Miracles (UK: DVD title)
... aka Miracles: The Canton Godfather (UK: video box title)
... aka Mr Canton and Lady Rose (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Mr. Canton and Lady Rose
... aka The Canton Godfather (Australia: DVD title)

Kujaku ô (1988) .... Kông Chùe
... aka Peacock King (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Hung cheuk wong ji (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Kong qiao wang zi (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Legend of the Phoenix

Mong ming yuen yeung (1988) .... Hsiang Ming
... aka Fleeing Couple (literal English title)
... aka On the Run (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Wang ming yuan yang (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Hua zhong xian (1988) .... Shih Erh
... aka Picture of a Nymph (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Portrait of a Nymph

Fei lung mang jeung (1988) .... Timothy Tung Tak-Biao
... aka Dragons Forever (Hong Kong: English title) (International: English title)
... aka 3 Brothers
... aka Cyclone Z
... aka Fei long meng jiang (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Flying Dragon Fierce Challenge (literal English title)

Dung fong tuk ying (1987) .... Man Yen Chieh
... aka Eastern Condors (Hong Kong: English title)

Zhi fa xian feng (1986) .... Hsia Ling-Cheng
... aka Above the Law (UK: video title)
... aka Righting Wrongs (Hong Kong: English title)

Jiang shi xian sheng xu ji (1986) .... Jen
... aka Geung si sin saang juk jaap (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Mr. Vampire II (Hong Kong: English title)

Shen yong shuang xiang pao xu ji (1986) .... Hsia/Little Monster
... aka Rosa (Hong Kong: English title)

Foo gwai lit che (1986) .... Tsao Cheuk Kin
... aka Fu gui lie che (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Millionaire's Express (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Shanghai Express (USA: DVD title)
... aka Wealthy Train (literal English title)

Xia ri fu xing (1985) .... Ricky Fung
... aka My Lucky Stars 2: Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
... aka The Target
... aka Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Winners & Sinners 3: Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars (Europe: English title: DVD box title)

Shi lai yun dao (1985)
... aka From the Great Beyond
... aka Those Merry Souls

Fuk sing go jiu (1985) .... Ricky Fung
... aka Fu xing gao zhao (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Lucky Stars Superior Shine (literal English title)
... aka My Lucky Stars (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Winners & Sinners 2: My Lucky Stars (Europe: English title: DVD box title)

Kuai can che (1984) (as Yuen Biao) .... David
... aka Comidas a domicilio (Spain)
... aka Los supercamorristas (Spain)
... aka Million Dollar Heiress
... aka Spanish Connection (India: English title)
... aka Spartan X
... aka Weapon X
... aka Wheels on Meals (Hong Kong: English title)

Shen yong shuang xiang pao (1984) .... Truck Driver
... aka Pom Pom (Hong Kong: English title)

'A' gai wak (1983) .... Captain Tzu
... aka 'A' ji hua (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Jackie Chan's Project A (USA)
... aka Mark of the Dragon (Philippines: English title)
... aka Operazione pirati
... aka Pirate Patrol
... aka Project A (Hong Kong: English title)

Qi mou miao ji: Wu fu xing (1983) .... CID Agent
... aka 5 Lucky Stars
... aka Kei mau miu gai: Ng fok sing (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Winners & Sinners (UK: video title)
... aka Winners & Sinners: Five Lucky Stars (Europe: English title: DVD box title)
... aka Winners and Sinners (Hong Kong: English title)

San suk san geen hap (1983) .... Ti Ming Chi
... aka Warriors from the Magic Mountain
... aka Xin shu shan jian xia (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Zu Mountain: New Legend of the Zu Mountain Swordsmen (Hong Kong: English title: literal title)
... aka Zu Time Warrior (International: English title: dubbed version)
... aka Zu Warriors
... aka Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (Hong Kong: English title)

Boh ngau (1983) .... Lee Tong
... aka Bo niu (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Crazy to Win (Philippines: English title)
... aka Disturbance Ox (literal English title)
... aka The Champions (Hong Kong: English title)

Bai ga jai (1982) .... Leung Chang
... aka Bai jia zi (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Pull No Punches
... aka Son Ruining the Family (Hong Kong: Cantonese title: literal title)
... aka The Prodigal Son (Hong Kong: English title)

Tai fong siu sau (1982) .... Man at bank
... aka Carry on Pickpocket (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Di fang xiao shou (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Guard Against Small Hand (literal English title)

Si wang ta (1981) (uncredited) .... Billy Lo / Bobby Lo / Blue Staff Monk
... aka Game of Death 2 (Australia)
... aka Game of Death II (USA)
... aka Sei miu taap (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The New Game of Death (USA)
... aka Tower of Death

Yong zhe wu ju (1981) .... Mousy
... aka Dreadnaught (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Yung che miu gui (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Gui da gui (1980) .... Vampire
... aka Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind
... aka Encounter of the Spooky Kind (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Ghost Against Ghost
... aka Gwai ckui gwai (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Spooky Encounters
... aka Spooky Encounters aka Encounter of the Spooky Kind (UK: DVD title)

Shen bu you ji (1980) .... Jo-Wing cohort
... aka Lightning Kung Fu (USA: video title)
... aka San bat yau gei (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The Victim (Hong Kong: English title)

Shi di chu ma (1980) .... Sang Kung's Son/Fourth Brother
... aka See dai chut ma (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The Young Master (Hong Kong: English title)

She xing zui bu (1980)
... aka Sau ying chiu biu (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Snake Deadly Act (Hong Kong: English title)

Wu yi bian fu (1980)
... aka Bat Without Wings (International: English title)

Lin Shi Rong (1979) .... Foon
... aka Lam Sai Wing (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Ren zhe wu di
... aka The Magnificent Butcher (Hong Kong: English title)

Za jia xiao zi (1979) .... Yipao
... aka Chap ga siu ji (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Knockabout (Hong Kong: English title)

Quan jing (1978) .... Master of the Five Fists
... aka Spiritual Kung-Fu (Hong Kong: English title) (Philippines: English title)
... aka Karate Ghostbuster
... aka Kuen cheng (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Spiritual Kung Fu (USA)

Bei po (1978)
... aka Bei baak (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Kung Fu Avengers
... aka Soul Brothers of Kung Fu (International: English title)
... aka The Last Strike

Xiao shi yi lang (1978)
... aka Siu sap yat long (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Swordsman and Enchantress (International: English title)

He Lan Du ren tou (1978)
... aka Amsterdam Connection (International: English title)
... aka Big Bad Bolo (USA)
... aka Shaolin Connection (UK: DVD title)

Game of Death (1978) (as Bill Yuen) .... Billy Lo
... aka Bruce Lee's Game of Death
... aka Si wang you ju

Fei Lung gwoh gong (1978) .... Fighter in Opening Credit Sequence
... aka Enter the Fat Dragon (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Fei Long guo jiang (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Lao hu tian ji (1978) .... Casino Fighter #3
... aka Dirty Tiger and Crazy Frog
... aka Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog

Xue fu rong (1978)
... aka Huet foo yung (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The Vengeful Beauty (International: English title)

Zan xian sheng yu zhao qian Hua (1978)
... aka Chan sin sang yue chau gung Wa (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Mr. Tsang and Cashier Hua (literal English title)
... aka Warriors Two (Hong Kong: English title)

The Amsterdam Kill (1977)
... aka He jing die xie (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Po jie (1977)
... aka Broken Oath (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Poh gaai (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Shen tui tie shan gong (1977) .... Casino fighter
... aka Snuff Bottle Connection (International: English title)

Jue bu di tou (1977)
... aka Juet bat dai tau (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka To Kill a Jaguar (Hong Kong: English title)

San shao ye de jian (1977)
... aka Death Duel (Hong Kong: English title: original subtitled version)
... aka Sam siu yeh dik kim (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Sword of the Third Master (Hong Kong: Cantonese title: literal title)

Ying zhao tie bu shan (1977) .... Assassin
... aka The Invincible Armour (International: English title)

Pai yu lao hu (1977)
... aka Jade Tiger (Hong Kong: English title)

Qiao tan nu jiao wa (1977)
... aka Ciu taam neui giu wa (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Deadly Angels (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka The Bod Squad
... aka Yeoshintam (South Korea)

Nan quan bei tui dou jin hu (1977)
... aka Secret Rivals 2 (International: English title)
... aka Silver Fox Rivals II (USA: video title)
... aka The Secret Rivals Part 2 (Hong Kong: English title)

Si da men pai (1977) .... Fighter at the school
... aka Sei dai mun pai (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Shaolin Plot (International: English title)

Da wu shi yu xiao piao ke (1977)
... aka Hero of the Wild (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Hero of the Wild Kung Fu Challenger (USA: video title)
... aka Heroes of Shaolin (Hong Kong: English title: video title)

The Dragon, the Odds (1977) .... Mo Lai Tao

Yin yang xie di zi (1977)
... aka The Fatal Flying Guillotines (Hong Kong: English title)

Shao Lin mu ren xiang (1976)
... aka 36 Wooden Men
... aka Shaolin Chamber of Death
... aka Shaolin Wooden Men (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Shaolin Wooden Men... Young Tiger's Revenge

Li Hsiao Lung chuan chi (1976) .... Challenges Bruce Lee on the set of "Enter the Dragon"
... aka Behind Bruce Lee
... aka Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth (USA)
... aka Bruce Lee: The True Story (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Lee siu lung chuen kei (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The Dragon Lives (USA)

Tien ya ming yue dao (1976) .... Extra
... aka The Magic Blade (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Tin ngai ming yuet do (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Kong woo ji dai (1976)
... aka Brotherhood (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Jiang hu zi di (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)

Shao Lin men (1976) .... Arrow Guard
... aka Countdown in Kung Fu (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Countdown to Kung Fu (USA)
... aka Hand of Death (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Strike of Death
... aka The Hand of Death (UK)

Nan quan bei tui (1976)
... aka Secret Rivals (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Silver Fox Rivals (USA: video title)
... aka The Secret Rivals: The Northern Leg and Southern Fist (Philippines: English title)

Liu A-Cai yu Huang Fei-Hong (1976)
... aka Challenge of the Masters (International: English title)

Hot Potato (1976)

Liu xing hu die jian (1976)
... aka Killer Clans (International: English title)
... aka Shooting Star, Butterfly, Sword (Hong Kong: Mandarin title: literal title)

Mi zong sheng shou (1976)
... aka Mat chung sing sau (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The Himalayan (International: English title)

The Man from Hong Kong (1975) (uncredited)
... aka The Dragon Flies (USA)
... aka Zhi dao huang long

Chung lieh tu (1975)
... aka The Valiant Ones (Taiwan)

Kung Fu Stars (1975)

Meng hu dou kuang long (1974)
... aka Kung Fu Massacre (International: English title)
... aka Maang foo dau kwong lung (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The Big Showdown (Hong Kong: English title)

Zhong tai quan tan sheng si zhan (1974)
... aka Chung taai kuen taan sang sei chin (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka The Tournament (Hong Kong: English title)

Yang chi (1974) .... Extra
... aka Enter the Seven Virgins (UK)
... aka Karate, Küsse, blonde Katzen (West Germany)
... aka The Bod Squad (USA)
... aka Virgins of the Seven Seas (Hong Kong: English title)

Lang bei wei jian (1974)
... aka Conman and the Kung Fu Kid
... aka Dirty Partners
... aka From China with Death (USA)
... aka Long boi wai gan (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Wits to Wits (Hong Kong: English title)

Tie jin gang da po zi yang guan (1974) .... Thug
... aka A Man Called Stoner
... aka Hong Kong Hitman
... aka Stoner (USA)
... aka The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Tit gam gong daai poh chi yeung goon (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Ze wang (1973)
... aka Chaak wong (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Death Blow (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Thunderfist (International: English title)

Tai quan zhen jiu zhou (1973)
... aka Heuggwon (South Korea)
... aka Kickmaster
... aka Sting of the Dragon Masters (USA)
... aka Toi kuen jan gau chow (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka When Taekwondo Strikes (Hong Kong: English title)

Enter the Dragon (1973) (uncredited) .... Tournament Fighter
... aka Long zheng hu dou (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Operation Dragon (Europe: English title)

Tou du ke (1973)
... aka The Rendevous of Warriors (International: English title)

Tie wa (1973)
... aka Attack of the Kung Fu Girls (USA)
... aka Kung Fu Girl (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka None but the Brave (Hong Kong: English title)

Ma tou da jue dou (1973)
... aka Black Guide (Philippines: English title)
... aka Chinese Hercules (USA)
... aka Freedom Strikes a Blow (International: English title)
... aka Ma tou shao zi (Taiwan)
... aka The Kid from Pier (Taiwan)

Ma lu xiao ying xiong (1973)
... aka Back Alley Princess (Hong Kong: English title)

Huang Fei Hong (1973)
... aka Death Kick (USA: dubbed version)
... aka Huang Fei Hong yong po lie huo zhen (Hong Kong: Mandarin title: original subtitled version)
... aka The Master of Kung-Fu (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Wong Fei Hung yung poh lit feng chan (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Xiao ba wang (1973)
... aka Super Kung Fu Kid (Hong Kong: English title) (International: English title)
... aka Karado: The Kung Fu Flash (International: English title)
... aka Superior Youngster (Hong Kong: English title: original subtitled version)
... aka The Hong Kong Cat (USA: dubbed version)

Meng long guo jiang (1972) (uncredited) .... Thug/Extra
... aka Fury of the Dragon (Europe: English title)
... aka Mang lung goh kong (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Return of the Dragon (USA)
... aka Revenge of the Dragon (USA: cable TV title)
... aka The Way of the Dragon (Hong Kong: English title)

He qi dao (1972) (uncredited) .... Japanese martial arts student
... aka Hap kei do (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Hapkido (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Lady Kung Fu (USA: dubbed version)

Jing wu men (1972) (uncredited) .... Extra
... aka Fist of Fury (Hong Kong: English title) (UK)
... aka Jing mo mun (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Laugh Track: Chinese Connection (USA: video title (redubbed comic version))
... aka School for Chivalry (Hong Kong: Mandarin title: literal English title)
... aka The Chinese Connection (USA)

Guang dong xiao lao hu (1971) (as Bill Yuen) .... Pickpocket
... aka Last Tiger from Canton
... aka Little Tiger of Canton (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Master with Cracked Fingers (International: English title: reissue title)
... aka Snake Fist Fighter (USA: dubbed version)
... aka Snake Fist Ninja (USA: video title)
... aka Stranger in Hong Kong
... aka Ten Fingers of Death (USA: DVD title)
Producer: Xi Zang xiao zi (1992) (producer)
... aka A Kid from Tibet (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Sai chong siu ji (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Zhi fa xian feng (1986) (producer)
... aka Above the Law (UK: video title)
... aka Righting Wrongs (Hong Kong: English title)
Director: Xi Zang xiao zi (1992)
... aka A Kid from Tibet (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Sai chong siu ji (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)

Kujaku ô (1988)
... aka Peacock King (Hong Kong: English title)
... aka Hung cheuk wong ji (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka Kong qiao wang zi (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Legend of the Phoenix
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