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Chinese Visa's
This is a quick guide to current Chinese visas (June 2010)
These notes are current for British citizens. Most 'Developed' Countries have very similar criteria, although USA citizens may have to wait a few days longer for issue
Type of Visa:-
There are three main categories of Chinese Visa:  
a. Tourist (L) 
b. Business (F)
c. Work Visa (Z)

See the Full List here

There is also a new residency visa from June 2010 for foreigners with family in China - full details here

Type of Issue:
We offer the latest advice on three main types of issue:
1. Foreigners: Issue (Renewal) in China, Hong Kong or Macao
2. Foreigners: Issue in home country
3. Chinese people visiting UK

Issue (Renewal) in China
1a. Visa's issued in China often vary in the length of visa, and the ability to remain in China without the normal 30-day maximum stay restriction.
1b. These visa's also vary greatly depending upon which is your home Country; and issuing guidelines are liable to change without notice - as during the Olympic Games
1c. Need a Tourist (L), Business (F) or Work Visa (Z)?
Get Full Details here

For professional advice and the very latest information please contact Nancy Li:
Image - ChinaBiz21_Logo Contact
  Nancy Li
2206 Citic Plaza, Guangzhou ... (Also Hong Kong & Shenzhen)
+86 020 2831 3523
+86 135 600 73294
+86 020 2831 3554 - 3523 and 020 2831 3556

Issue in Home Country
2a. The Country of Issue determines which set of Chinese visa regulations apply to you personally. Normally you can only obtain information regarding visa's issued in your home country
2b. Usually, visa's issued in other Countries apply the same rules as those of issue in your home Country, but please check first
2c. Due to new restrictions, all Chinese visa's now require some form of Official Government invitation - except Tourist Visa's. These now require a Personal Invitation or Hotel Booking Confirmation, as well as Return Flight tickets or Itinerary
Get the latest information here

Application Form
Click to Download visa form (pdf)  
Can't open it - get Adobe Reader here:   Click to Download Adobe Reader, 33.5 MB

Chinese Visiting UK
UK is one of the most difficult Countries for ordinary Chinese people to visit, with a refusal rate of 99%. If you are very rich or meet the right criteria, then visa's are far easier to obtain
Full information here

General Interest:

Business Visa:

3. All applications for the new standard Business Visa require an Official Invitation from a Governmental Body. Under the new Regulations, a Company Letter of Invitation is no longer valid. This is regardless of where your visa is issued

Work Permits:
4. This may be of particular interest to vocational Teachers. You now need to be Officially Appointed by a Government or Educational Institution, for a set period (Often 1-year). It is illegal to work in China without the right visa!
This information is as supplied by the Chinese Embassy in UK, as dated 20th June 2008, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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