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Fruit, Vegetables and Gourds
Chicken Cabbage or Gai Choi
Gai Choi is a vegetable that tastes like a slightly strong Savoy cabbage. It is seasonal in Guangdong province, the hottest part of China. It gets its name because the long stems over a foot high resemble a chickens neck and head.
When buying from a wet market look for firm leaves that have a healthy green colour. Reject any soft ones, as these have been picked a few days and are not as nice to eat.

Remove the leaves and heart and wash in water. The stem is peeled quite hard to reveal the white flesh inside, and then chopped into pieces 2 or 3 inches long.

Treat like cabbage and place in a saucepan or wok and then cover with a cup or two of water, bring to the boil and toss quickly for a minute and then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes or longer. Serve when ready.

Alternatively you can add standard extra's like garlic, ginger and a teaspoon of chicken bouillon, which are best steamed with the leaves and stems in a little water as shown. Use either bits of splattered Chinese garlic or whole cloves, and chop the ginger root into small slices.

These are normally used as a separate vegetable, so serve to table in their own dish.

You will discover they taste like a slightly strong cabbage, but are pleasant to eat. If you do not like sprouts, then this may not be for you?
Image: Chinese gai choi - Click to Enlarge

Image: Gai Choi steamed with garlic and ginger slices - Click to Enlarge

Image: prepared gai choi - Click to Enlarge

Image: gai choi in full flourish - Click to Enlarge
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