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Tourist Guides for China
Tai Shan City, Guangdong (November 2010)

Tai Shan City is known as Toisan in Cantonese and Toy Cern in the local language of Taishanese. It is a large second tier city in central south Guangdong quite near the sea and includes two large and very famous islands - Sheung Ha Doh and Siu Ha Doh. Whilst it is a very international city, this is due to emigration especially to USA, and not because of a large foreign presence.

The Taishanese are noted for their spirit of travel and adventure, quite unlike most of their Chinese peers. It is the people of this city plus its nearby twin city called Kai Ping (Hoi Peng) that emigrated to USA at the turn of the last century and built the great american railroads. Many also emigrated to Europe, and wherever they went they founded local communities and the famous 'China Towns' known in all parts of the globe.

Having established successful careers over the intervening century, many now return to their home city to create jobs and markedly influence the local economy. Some donated large amounts of money to improve the resources of the local community, whilst others have invested in grand projects.

The result is that modern Toisan city is a thriving mass of humanity which enjoys some of the best and most diverse shopping in the whole of China. There are two enormous pedestrianised areas that will soon link together, creating a traffic free zone some miles in length. What is most refreshing, is that whilst the usual global stores are prominent in large malls, the paved streets offer an amazing diversity of smaller shops and local enterprise.

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Foreigners are not a common sight, but English is widely spoken by most people you meet on the streets and has the status of being the Third language spoken. Taishanese is of course the major language, and is known locally as 'Toisanwah'. This is a very strong dialect of Mainland Cantonese, and features an unusual and common usage of Celtic double L and 'ch' sounds. Guangzhou Cantonese is the second language, which is spoken by virtually everybody older than primary school age. For adults, Mandarin remains the forth language, so much so that even migrant Chinese workers have had to learn either Cantonese dialect.

Children usually begin kindergarten at 3-years old, where they learn Mandarin and English. At home the children speak Toisanwah, and it is not until they reach secondary school that Mainland Cantonese is introduced. However, once a few basic sounds have been mastered, there is only slight difference in pronunciation between main stream Cantonese and the local dialect. Therefore adding Cantonese is fairly simple for linguistically adept students.


There is a large and growing export trade, but unusually for any Chinese city, Toisan does not devote its entire fortunes to one specific industry. In fact, there is no industry at all within the city, and whilst modern factories are developing in small clusters in the nearby countryside, these are clean and in keeping with the environment. This means the city air is very clean and smog is unheard of!

Your first clue to what this city manufactures are to be seen by a few furniture factories that mainly produce high quality goods for export. Toisan is surrounded by rolling hills and wide fertile plains. The plains are extremely well irrigated, and rice is the staple crop. Each village commune normally grows two crops a year - the first being planted before Chinese New Year (February) and the second set root before August. Villages are largely self-sufficient for all fruit and vegetables, the surplus being sold at local markets.

Look to the hills for the city's other main industry. That's right, they are all covered with trees. Closer examination reveals these to be managed woodlands that mainly produce the quick-growing local fir tree that has many diverse uses. The cycle from planting seedlings to harvesting a hillside takes about 10-years, which is remarkably quick.

The only other notable industry is tourism, but visitors are mainly either Overseas Chinese or their Mainland counterparts. Many come to visit the hot springs, spend time on the beautiful islands, or linger on the coastline of the South China Sea.


Toisan does not have an airport or railway station. It does have very good ferry connections to nearby cities and even Macao and Hong Kong. However, the main form of transportation centres on the city's two main bus stations. These are located quite close together on Huanshi West Road and offer destinations to all parts of China and beyond. Intercity buses are frequent, with connections available to destinations such as Guangzhou, Jiang Men, Zhong Shan, Kong Kong and Macao running every 15 - 20 minutes.

Local transportation is provided by numerous city buses which run from early morning through until midnight. The set fare is Y2 RMB regardless of distance, and you pay on entry. These are supported by numerous taxis that are either dark green and yellow, or maroon. The minimum fare is Y6 RMB, and they are cheap and plentiful. Also numerous are the motorcycle taxis which can be found on every street corner. Less numerous are the 3-wheel taxis, but these are ok if you fancy something a little different. Finally, outside both bus stations and at other locations you will find collections of cars, MPV's and microbuses. These are for private hire and you agree a price with the driver before departure. If you have a lot of luggage, or are travelling a long distance to somewhere off the beaten track, then these are very good value.

What to Do

Chill, relax, and take your time...


Toisan has two main shopping areas, the first of which is located north of the city centre and called Wah Yuen. From the roundabout on Qiaohu Road where you enter this section, turn into Huanbei Avenue where there is a very large mall on your right. The ground floor is host to a very large and quite western supermarket called 'Vanguard'. This is well worth visiting and sells proper Western style sandwich bread in its bakery, along with delicious pizza a Y7 per large portion. Here you can also buy bacon, fresh milk, butter and many other foreign foods.

The mall continues with numerous other retail outlets that are not the usual names found everywhere else. The mall ends with 24-hour MacDonald's, which is set against a green featuring a statue in enclosure of a rich local who donated money to build this complex. He is very highly respected by local people. On the main road (Huanbei Avenue) nearby are two banks, of which ICBC across the road and on a little bit, will accept any international visa card (Use the machine marked ATM only)

Opposite MacDonald's is the beginning of a long pedestrianised street which is over 1-mile in length. Midway is a crossroads that is home to 24 hour KFC. The back streets adjacent to this are very interesting and full of novel and unusual items.

The second shopping centre is located adjacent to the city square, although you would not know it on first glance. It is known as 'Fo Lam Muen' which is actually the name of a very famous Chinese Tea House. This is on Tongji Road and flanked by 24-hour MacDonald's and KFC, and hosts a couple of small malls of little interest to foreigners.

Walking away from the Park along Xihao Road you will soon discover wide pedestrianised streets that stretch in several directions for a long way. Tourists will enjoy shopping along these streets, which host many local retailers as well as regional, national, and international chains. Walking directly away from the park will eventually lead you via a short section if interesting and unique back streets, to the first pedestrianised area noted above. To do this continue along Xihao Road until Juyuan Road appears on your left. Follow this past the Catholic Church to the T-junction at the very end, and turn right.

The Park and Square

Standing with your back to KFC you will notice a small road opposite that quickly turns left. This road is called Huannan Backstreet, and is circuitous in nature. Walk down here and bear left, following a path through the trees. In a few yards this opens onto Toisan City Square, a modern area surrounded by picturesque buildings which are brightly lit at night. The square itself overlooks a large lake and the whole setting is remarkably tranquil. It is hard to imagine that 100 yards away is the hustle and bustle of a major road and shopping area.

The lake is actually part of the local waterway, and in this area forms the lake as mentioned, and further left are islands for recreation. However, we stayed on the main path then turning briefly onto Shuangting Street, before turning left and followed a winding road set between two small lakes and lined with palm trees (Picture on your right). After 100 yards we came to a delightful restaurant with tables inside and out on the street. Our outside table overlooked the park, and as the sun set, so the lights came on all around the lakes complex, and the atmosphere was filled with quintessential ambience. I love this place! Later I introduced my American chum Jim to this area and he loved it also.

Amusement Park

By chance one day I happened to take a walk around the lakes and went off exploring. I was hoping to find another street restaurant nearby, but this was not to be. However, leaving the restaurant above and walking left and then to my right, I discovered an amusement park. This is at the corner of Shuangting Road and Heping Road, and has a lovely small garden outside called Qianxi Garden. The amusement park is quite large and comes complete with many power rides and other attractions. I would say this attraction is ideal for the very young, right through to mid-teens. Older people with more world exposure would probably find it a little small and boring - but for something right in the city centre I think it is excellent for what it offers.

Other Attractions:

There are several attractions grouped reasonably close together along Huanbei Avenue - but further along than the Wah Yuen shopping centre. The first is Taishan Cinema, which is very close to the junction with Taidong Road.

A little further along - and you better look at the map above, are various other attractions beginning opposite the junction with Shihua Road:

1. Opposite this junction is something called "Taishan Children's Palace". We know it is not a school of any sort, and it sounds very interesting.
2. A little further along Huanbei Road is Taishan library.
3. Between these two is a road going North. Half a mile along this minor road you will find Taishan Panshi Television University on your left. Our information is that this is a very small University only teaching film and broadcasting, and is open to the public.
4. At the end of this small road and just before the lake (Shihua Reservoir) is Taishan Museum, which is very interesting and well worth visiting.


Toisan is again remarkable for a Chinese city in that the restaurants are not all grouped together as if seeking shelter. They are spread out all over the city and offer excellent food at reasonable prices. Apart from fast food, there is little dedicated specifically for Westerners, but there are some.

Western Food
Perhaps the best Western restaurant is located immediately adjacent to the Main or Number 1 Bus Station. Walk to the roundabout outside, and look to your right (Bus station behind you). This is actually the junction of Huanshi West Road and Zhanxi Road. You will see a door leading up some stairs just around the corner from the road that crosses the river bridge. Go up here and find a large and comfortable restaurant which also features several large screen TV's. The televisions are not usually turned on, so you can request your favourite sports channel if you wish.

I have dined here a couple of times and whilst not being the best restaurant in England, it is certainly one of the best of its kind in China! The menu is in both English and Chinese, and the staff are attentive and extremely helpful. Most speak very good English, and are used to foreigners ordering western dishes. They are also used to foreigners having a drink first and ordering later. Whilst I have not sampled every dish on their menu, the ones I have tried have been very well cooked and presented. I'm definitely going there again!

Ying Fu
Ying Fu Zhong Xi Can Ting
Bei  Jiao Lu (North Suburbs Road)
Tel: (0750) 5619988
Mobile: 133 920 55288
Image: Exterior of Ying Fu Restaurant Image: Google map location
This restaurant is literally 2 minutes walk from my front door and a great place to dine. It is found on the backroad running parallel with the main road (from the North) as it approaches Number 1 bus station. Go directly across from this bus station and go down the road opposite. This ends in a T-junction, so bear left and the restaurant is on your right about 50 yards up this road.
The menu is a nice blend of typical western fayre complimented by asian dishes. The curry pictured was delicious, and of perhaps Vietnamese/Thai style. The fries where top quality, and the beer was respectably cheap. Other specialties include choice of steaks and sauces, pizza's, and finger foods like kebab skewers. This is complemented by a full western drinks and cocktails menu, fresh juice specialties, desserts and coffees.

We liked the atmosphere and the staff were lovely and friendly. The manageress/owner speaks some English, and took our daughter for a tour - returning her 10-minutes later! It was hot mid-afternoon when we went, but inside the air-conditioning made it very pleasantly cool.

Image: A delicious curry and chips, washed down with an ice-cold beer

Image: Upper floor restaurant view 2
Image: Upper floor restaurant view 1

Image: Upper floor restaurant view 3
Amongst the wall of imported Brandy and Wines, you will notice a TV. Later during our visit this was tuned on to Sports channel, where we watched Volleyball, followed by Football.

Personal Opinion?
I highly recommend this restaurant (After only one visit) - more later!

There are two other Western style restaurants that I know of in Toisan, but at time of writing (28th July 2010) I have not tried yet. Please call back next month when I should have completed this piece of research - the things I have to do!

Fast Food
All the modern malls have associated MacDonald's and KFC, which are open 24/7. The Chinese Kung Fu chain are also present in these locations. I have heard there is a Pizza Hut here, but have not located it so far; and as far as I am aware, none of the others like Star Buck's or UBC have made it to Toisan ... yet.

Chinese Food
Toisan abounds with Chinese eateries and they are everywhere! These are mainly variations and styles of Cantonese cooking that people who know Canton will instantly recognise. Unusually this city does not appear to support many restaurants featuring cuisine from other regions of China, although the excellent Little Sheep chain is here already - but perhaps I simply haven't found any others ... yet.

The major restaurants are easily recognised by having plush tables visible from the road. We have tried many of them and most are based on the philosophy of Chinese Tea. This does not mean they only sell tea - far from it. They serve beer, spirits, and a multitude of dishes far too numerous to mention.

Fo Lam Muen is the best and most famous. Just say this to any taxi and he will take you there.This is near MacDonald's on Tongji Road. However, know this is on the third floor and approached via an escalator set to the left of MacDonald's. There is also a lift which although in plain sight, is not obvious. I like this place because you can go and look at hundreds of dishes + fresh fish or shellfish in tanks, and chilled produce from the sea (Fresh that day). They also serve Chinese pancakes, and other tasty morsels not always found under one roof. Every so often a lady comes round pushing a trolley of Dim Sung, from which you can select from many small bamboo dishes of excellent flavour. The staff are all very helpful and observant, despite the fact this restaurant is nearly always full, and waiting a few minutes for a table is common. The opening times include 9am and midnight, and I'm not really sure when it actually opens or closes - such is eating-out in Toisan

A very good fish restaurant is located on the road that runs past Number 1 Bus station. With this to your back and roundabout in front, turn left and walk half a mile to the bend in the road. Right on this corner on your left is a very good fish restaurant selling all manner of marine life, including gigantic prawns at ridiculously cheap prices.

Street Bars
There are literally thousands of street bars, and again whilst you may find a dozen in one locality, mainly they are spread out all over the city. Here are some of note - although research continues and is on-going!

Number 1 Bus Station
The streetbars' are mainly set to the left of the bus station (To your back) and are on both sides of the main road. The first large establishment is very good and located where the road comes together properly. Another good area is 50 yards further on by the pedestrian lights, and again on your left and down an alley. Crossing the road and heading back, the the last one is renowned for selling great food - so good the local Police drop by and are good company. I know this place is not closed at 5am, and think it is virtually 24/7? It is called De feng yuan can yin dian.

Number 2 Bus Station
Here the streetbars' are obvious and grouped together along the main road outside. I personally prefer the second one from the main entrance, although some of the others look very interesting. There is a good variety hereabouts, and there are about 10 in total. Take your pick. Again, closing times appear to be irrelevant.

Longzhou Road
This is one of the best late night eatery centres and is situated somewhere between the two main bus stations, but in the backstreet's before you reach the river. It is well out of the way unless you know where it is.

There are about 20 eateries in this locale, offering a diverse range of foods that tourist familiar with larger cities like Foshan will immediately recognise. I have not tried all of these as yet, but do recommend a couple already. In the middle is an excellent BBQ place, which although short on seating, offers delicious and typical BBQ food. I recommend the oysters, sausages, squid, and virtually everything they sell. Directly across the road is a small outlet that sells great Dim Sum. You can buy here and eat at another restaurant table. Amazing! Around the corner to the far end is a lovely larger restaurant set back in an open courtyard called Fulin Hauxian. They have many fish tanks set to the rear, and it has a great vibe when a crowd is in late at night. The staff are also excellent, and whilst only a few speak English, their genuine pleasure to meet you and say 'Hello, how are you?' is infectious and sets the mood for a very pleasant evening.

There is another area a little further on from the Statue mall and then right a bit down a bendy road called Dongchen Avenue. This later becomes Fucheng Avenue and the restaurants are located near the area called Chengdong. I need to research this area a bit better, but know it also has a fantastic BBQ set amongst a throng of other eateries. More info later, sorry.

The Place in the Park is definitely worth a visit - as mentioned several times above - total chill!


Toisan has several good nightclubs, disco's and Western style bars. One is located directly opposite from Number 1 bus station, diagonally to your right. This doesn't do it for me, but is neat and convenient.

The best disco is down the road that runs to the side of Number 1 bus station called Zhanxi Road. It is about half a mile down this road and where the road finishes at the Mei Fa Hotel (Pictured right). We have been and liked it a lot.

Entrance is free but as usual you pay for expensive drinks and better tables. 6 small bottles of Pearl River beer cost Y100 for example.

The atmosphere is very good and the place is well laid out with bars to three sides and a stage which has a large video screen at the other. The main area is set with a central stage in the round, whilst satellite podiums are placed to the corners of the main room. The acts mainly feature girls in show attire singing and dancing to decent and varied music. There are male and mixed acts also. The performances are long with only short breaks in between for changing and rest.

Behind the main area and adjacent to the rear bar and servery is a raised area that displays no smoking signs - however, all tables have ashtrays on them, so don't believe everything you read. Typical Chinese nightclub food and snacks are available to order.

We have found the staff here to be particularly friendly and interested in foreigners. Most speak reasonable English and will often join you for a toast and to share a laugh.

Please be aware that whilst this club would not rank with the best in Guangzhou or Foshan, it is very good at what it does and we have enjoyed many great nights here.
Image: Mei Fa Hotel with 520 Club to right - Click to Enlarge

Image: 520 Club stage and podium - Click to Enlarge
Image: 520 Club stage - Click to Enlarge
520 Club video 1

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There is another large nightclub that is adjacent to the park and opposite the restaurant I like so much. You can find it by following the noise until it gets very loud, and then entering the premises that look like a ship. This is very well lit up at night, and is on the western leg of Huannan Backstreet and is called Shengyuan and known as Free Cheng Disco. Not as good as the one above in our opinion, but worth visiting all the same.

Bars: There are two that are notable; the first being on the second floor near MacDonald's and Fo Lam Muen. There is actually another that is better just around the corner. Both are very acceptable, if plush surroundings and expensive bottles of small imported beers are your thing?

The second area is back at Number 1 bus station, and left of the main entrance (Back to the station). This is set up a flight of stairs and the entrance is a little hard to find. Inside it is what you would expect, and very convivial if this is your bag, baby?

Hot Springs

Toisan is one of the most famous cities in Guangdong Province for Hot Springs. There are several of these, the best (Apparently) being somewhere north of the city near Kai Ping. I don't know where this is, so will mention one I have been to and enjoyed immensely.

From either bus station take the route directly south to the sea along TaiHai Road, also known as 274 Provincial Road. The final destination is the seaside town of Gong Hoi, or Guang Hai in Mandarin. If you are taking the bus, then stay on this for about 15 minutes, and until you reach the first set of traffic lights along this road (outside of the city proper of course). Sunrise Hotel Hot Spring main entrance is flanked by lions and very noticeable. Most taxis will drop you at the old entrance, which is not where you need to be. Get to the traffic lights and enter there.

This is a resort hotel complex, and there are a great many building and a lot of rooms for hire at reasonable rates. Your room includes evening bathing until midnight, and morning bathing until midday. This is not obvious from their literature. Swimming costumes are provided, as are towels and obligatory flip flops (Bathing areas only).

Outside are many pools which offer varying degrees of temperature. Fortunately the cooler ones are adjacent to your egress, getting progressively hotter as you venture forth. To your right you will find two pools for children (adults welcome) which feature a couple of water shutes in one, and a wave machine in the other. Whatever powers these seems to only do one at a time, therefore each pool experience lasts for about 20 minutes before switching to the other pool. That's fine, but be warned.

What is a must do are the couple of gazebo's. These enclose a variety of water spa's and water massage beds. Be careful, as one of them is very cold! All the others are of lovely therapeutic heat and relax you superbly.

The complex is completed by bars and restaurants, which are of the standard foreigners would expect in China. Some locals may know this as the Jiayi Hotel, which forms the older part of the complex.

Nearby, but well off the beaten track is another hot spring called San He. More information later.


Toisan and its natural twin city Hoi Peng (Kai Ping) are home to a man-made wonder of China. These are tall buildings called 'Watchtowers'. They are actually defensive structures that developed over centuries, basically to protect the local inhabitants from invading Chinese from other regions of the country. More recently they saw action in the 1937 - 45 war as bastions of resistance against the Japanese invasion.

Virtually every small village has one, and usually there are two - one at each end of the village. They are normally about 20 feet square and rise to a height of 5 or 8 storeys'. They are distinguished by having very small windows, and a turret like affair standing proud on top. These would be Toisan Castles. Often the windows only start at the third or forth floor, thus reducing the likelihood of unwanted ingress. As with a Swiss chalet, animals and provisions filled the lower floors, whilst the greater family sought protection in the middle reaches. The upper storeys' being set aside for defenders, and ammunitions were stored appropriately, and mainly at the very top of the structure. Meanwhile, wells sunk in the bottom would provide water by breaching the natural water table.

Not many of these are in good repair, or even open to the general public. However, we will endeavour to give you a video walkthrough at a later date, and also offer addresses for the very few that are tourist orientated.


Toisan and Kai Ping are unique in China, in offering Colonial/Latin façades as frontage to the vast majority of their older buildings. This is the legacy of returning Chinese emigrants from all quarters of the earth. I quite like it, as it is so refreshing to see something very different. However, many of these building do require substantial refurbishment, and I worry they will be replaced by modern Chinese tenements, that are not that easy on the eye. Conversely, these building do have great respect, and are generally valued as being of excellent design and internal proportions. Long may they remain.

The Islands

There are two main islands to the south of Tai Shan County. The larger one is given over to tourism, which is largely under-developed apart from a small hotel complex, which we later will add a marina to. This is called 'Sheung Ha Doh' in Cantonese. The local and regional governments do have plans to develope this island for greater tourism, but this remains a few years away. Therefore this island remains largely unspoiled and worthy of an overnight visit.

The second and smaller island is dedicated as a national natural wildlife reserve and protected internationally. This is called 'Siu Ha Doh in local Cantonese. Visitors are allowed to enter, but only under express permission of the Buddhist Head who controls entry and egress from this preserve. This is actually no problem, but be aware that you can only visit the monastery there + selected vantage points. Otherwise this island remains the habitat of wildlife only.

City Sights:

There really isn't very much for tourists to see in Toisan apart from that mentioned above. The only cultural relic is the Pagoda called Lingyuan Guta, which appears to be near Number 2 Bus Station. However, the actual entrance is located 1 mile away along the Southern leg of Huannan West Road. It is very well worth visiting if Chinese Pagoda's are your thing, or missable otherwise.

Where to Stay
Chinese beds are usually very hard!

There are numerous hotels in Toisan, most of which are of local Chinese standard. The majority are very basic, and exceedingly cheap.

The best hotels are probably situated overlooking the Park, and the highest rated is called Cui Hu Hotel, or Tai Shan Garden Hotel in English. It certainly appears to be of good standard. Nearby are several other promising hotels including the Tai Shan Hotel very near by, and the Xin Fu Yuan Hotel across the lake by the nightclub.

Moving to a different area we find another reasonable hotel. From Number 1 bus station head around the traffic roundabout, and at the traffic lights, turn right (Most traffic here goes left). The hotel is located half a mile down this road on your left, and its frontage sports another Chinese Tea establishment, which is 'OK'. The road is called Qiaohu Road and the hotel is next to the Bank of China. The rooms are fine and what you would expect of a higher class establishment in the middle of town.


Toisan is a quintessential city in the heart of Guangdong Province. It is always open and outward looking, abundantly welcoming to foreigners, and very different from most other Chinese cities.

This city is one of very few that does not pander to the West, but rather encapsulates it and consists of people that know the west well, and have brought a little of this home to influence their local culture. It is also a very 'laid-back' city - which suits me well.

I really like this place!
This information is as supplied by the China Expats, as dated 19th November 2010, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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Toisan Ticky-Tacky
Image: Chinese Tea at Fo Lam Muen - Click to Enlarge

Image: Chinese Tea at Fo Lam Muen - Click to Enlarge

Image: Chinese Tea at Fo Lam Muen - Click to Enlarge

Image: Main Street near Fo Lam Muen - Click to Enlarge

Image: Main Street near Fo Lam Muen - Click to Enlarge

Image: Side Street near Fo Lam Muen - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Number 1 Bus Station - Click to Enlarge

Image: Main Street near Fo Lam Muen - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Park looking towards the nightclub boat - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Park looking towards the city square - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Park looking towards the Taishan Garden Hotel - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Park looking towards the road to the streetbar - Click to Enlarge

Image: Shuangting Street in the Park - Click to Enlarge

Image: Restaurant in the Park - Click to Enlarge

Image: Park Restaurant view over the lakes - Click to Enlarge

Image: Park restaurant at dusk

Image: Shuangting Street Bridge at night - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Park Boat Disco at night - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Park Square at night - Click to Enlarge

Image: Longzhou Road late night food - Click to Enlarge

Image: Longzhou Road late night travel - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Number 1 Bus Station - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Number 2 Bus Station - Click to Enlarge

Image: A modern taxi outside Toisan Number 2 Bus Station - Click to Enlarge

Image: Lingyuan Guta Pagoda, viewed from Number 2 Bus Station - Click to Enlarge

Image: Typical Toisan City Bus - Click to Enlarge

Image: Street Restaurants outside Number 2 Bus Station - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan rural bus timetable - Click to Enlarge

Image: Jim and Jonno stop for a beer - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Fu Lam Muan with MacDonalds and KFC - Click to Enlarge

Image: Toisan Fu Lam Muen Tea House and Restaurant - Click to Enlarge

Image: Ying Fu Chinglish Restaurant - Click to Enlarge

Image: Ying Fu Pizza - Click to Enlarge

Image: Ying Fu Fries and kebabs - Click to Enlarge

Image: Ying Fu Pork Rice - Click to Enlarge

Image: Ying Fu Sweet Bacon - Click to Enlarge

Image: DWX English Restaurant with Toisan Number 1 bus station right - Click to Enlarge
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