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Website Services
China Expats offer website building, maintenance, and hosting services

China Expats currently build, publish, maintain, and host this website + about one dozen other websites. These range from simple personal websites, through more complex websites for clubs and small businesses, to full e-commerce solutions that actually work

First we need to ask you one question:
What is the purpose and function of your website?
In other words: Who is your target market and What do you want the website to do?

Free solutions are always limited in what you can and cannot do (Geocities, Facebook, MySpace, etc), and whilst great for some - do not really allow individuals to do other things, or have root access

This website for instance uses a lot of JavaScript, and is designed to be accessed by people from all over the world who seek information. However, a secondary access system allows for all-comers, including blind people. Every week it is accessed by somebody using a Commodore 64! If you understand this, then the World of Computer Zen has just been explained to you.

Now have a guess at which browser comes in at number 9 for surfers viewing this website during August 2009 :

Clue 1: It was more popular than IE 5, IE 5.1, and IE 5.5 combined
Clue 2: It was only just less popular than Safari, but beat Google Chrome
Clue 3: Of Netscape and clones, only Firefox 3.5 (vers) was more popular

Animated image

Now, the actual point is that you do need to adapt to your surfer market, and make information available to as many people and browsers as possible. Therefore, if your website is an e-commerce solution, then this will doubtless be accessed by those using fairly recent computers and software. However, if you are a Charity providing a contact portal for those in desperate need in far-flung corners of the world, then this is critical, and could mean the difference between life and death. Therefore your website needs to be accessible to very old computers, browsers, and associated software. These people may not be computer literate, and could have a poor command of English also. By an unusual quirk, it may also need to be friendly to mobile phone technology and surfing!

So, define your target market and build your website to fit their needs - not your own 'good ideas'

We are currently posting our comments re W3CSchools in our Forum - feel free to add your pennyworth

We also offer reliable e-Commerce solutions for online trading that are simple and effective for you to use. We can also sort out the 'Payment Gateway' for you = how you actually get your money!

Taking things further:

1. We also specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and listing

2. Recently we started a brand new Business Directory in association with Chinese Government, over 100, 000 Chinese Brands, and Western Companies. This is designed to give you free and direct access to the products you want to sell or buy (With no catches)

We are also willing to help other webmasters with their own projects - however, please post in our Forum first, before using the Contact Us portal. Thank you

This is What we offer

1. Website Design
  1. Simple Websites and Blog's for personal use
  2. Simple websites for small business
  3. Complex business websites
  4. e-Commerce websites
    1. These can be quite complex, and you will find that most of these solutions do not actually work in real life - even though you have paid a lot of money for them
    2. Our solutions do work straight out of the box (Proven in real life).
    3. All you then need to do is add your product sand updates, or ask us to do it for you (For a minimal fee of course)
  5. Payment Gateways
    1. We can also supply Payment Gateways, or configure your 'PayPal' for you.
    2. Please note: Unlike other more expensive solutions. PayPal (In our personal experience) - does have a nasty habit of making it very difficult for Business users to get hold of their money, unless you go through the hoops they put in place (But don't tell you about in advance!)
    3. However, their Virtual Payment Gateway makes this a great choice for small and start-up business requiring point of sale handling of Credit Cards
    4. This choice is yours
Contact Us with details of what you require - we can usually provide an immediate solution suitable for your needs
2.Website Maintenance

So you have your new website, and it is fantastic!

  1. Later you may need to update it: add a blog, pictures, or new content pages.
  2. Business users may wish to change product specifications and prices.

We can easily do this for you, even if we did not make the website in the first place. Contact us for more information
3. Website Hosting

Finding a truly reliable webhost is perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of having a website. Some of these are good, and some of these are also free. Basically most will either provide: abysmal service, not answer customer support queries, put your website off-line for hours (Or months at a time!), or basically only be interested in your money. Sad but very true

China Expats use Vidahost from UK, a small and individual service operated by Seb and Dominic. We have now been together for 6 years +, and I simply cannot fault them

They also regularly update their servers and supported software/hardware + allow you very reasonable, user friendly, server-side access. This is supported by a growing list of auto-install Fantastico and Softaculous features, and lots of technical stuff we will not go into here...

But heah! You have seen what the rest do - now try the very best!
4. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is only a problem if you are stupid enough to use dim-witted programmes' supplied by programmer geek's who only speak '.php'. Otherwise this should never be a problem.

You will know this if your address bar has long lists of Alpha-Numeric characters, instead of real addresses. SEO actually means turning this gobbledygook into real words, and it is also a supporting con designed to make even more money for the companies that supply this stuff in the first place!.

Given you are daft enough to pay someone lots of money to supply you with this crap, then we are also daft enough to charge you a little money to put it right for you. 'Nuff said!
5. Business Directory

I think we are correct in assuming that any businessman, be it Factory, Seller, Buyer, or Sourcer - is very fed-up with the current business listing directories. You always have to sign-up and pay some money. Most of these do not give you direct access to customers ... or manufacturers, restricting you to third-party mechanisms for vaguely putting you in indirect touch with the products or clients you want. It really is a bit of a drag, Baby!

Imagine if someone offered you a complete Client/Company access portal - either for free, free membership, or a minimal fee? Wow!

But the crunch is that it actually works the way you want it to! China Expats in association with China Biz 21 have already got this passed by Government, and we already have our first 100, 000 clients businesses now online

Contact us for your personalised web portal, quoting 'Directory' in the subject line.


What usually happens is that company directors become beguiled by fancy presentations, large price tags, and products that look great - but the websites don't actually work (yet). We've rescued a couple of these, and become embroiled with Australian companies promising the earth - only to later find them seeking our help to sort out why their products don't actually work to their customers expectations. The answer is usually very simple - it isn't finished yet, but let Dilbert explain this for you:

Dilbert© by Scott Adams

... and you suckers buy this stuff. Amazing!

Here are some of the website we currently have built ourselves, maintain and offer personal services for our clients:
China Expats of course, with sections:
Image: Screenshot - China Expats home page Image: Screenshot - China Expats Gallery Image: Screenshot China Expats Social Club
Image: Screenshot China Expats Forum Image: Moodle Design and Hosting Image: Full control panel access
Built and hosted websites    
Image: Image: Image:
and languages: Image: Chinese Language websites Image: Spanish language websites
  Chinese Spanish
This information is as supplied by China Expats, as dated July 2010 or later, and/or other reliable sources.

Business e-Commerce websites (Unless stated otherwise) are provided in association with Norbert and Nancy of China Biz 21

Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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