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Image: Eason Studio Designer Services

Image: Container Base in Shenzhen

Image: Organising Containers in Hong Kong

Image: Typical Hotel Bedroom

Image: Dynasty Hotel Gardens in Zhaoqing

Image: China Expats Staff Siu Ying and Candy making a Factory Visit in Foshan

Image: Foshan Hotel

Image: German Print Machines as Used by our Preferred Print Supplier

Image: Research

Image: Making Cloisonné by Hand

Image: Chinese Marble Buddha

Image: Product Boxes - Also Available with Plastic Windows and Full Internal Structures

Image: Carrier Bags

Image: Magazines and Catalogues

Image: Solid Granite Worktop and Kitchen Units - Sourced in China by China Expats

Image: OEM ShopFront Glass Door System Fitted in UK - Sourced in China by China Expats

Image: Quality Bathrobes, Towels and Slippers - Sourced in China by China Expats

Image: Fishtank, Meeting Table, Chairs and Door - Sourced in China by China Expats

Image: My personal QA inspection: The 2 holes are to take a 3-Stage Thermostatic Control Valve Set = 3 Large holes required! China Expats ended up Fully Testing every function of every shower from this company before loading - but the price was very good!

Image: OEM Disability Walk-in Bath showing Trial Moldings. This company could not make them without ripples, so we advised our Client to purchase elsewhere

Image: Chinese business meals are like this

Image: Doors, bath, glass - everything in this picture came from Foshan

Image: Eason our Designer and Architect

Image: Chinese Trade Fair

Image: More containers bound for export

Image: Foshan airport, one of many new regional airports in China

Image: China's emerging stock markets

Image: How not to pack export goods

Image: Good crates, but empty spaces cost you money

Image: Yuan Longping, Father of hybrid rice
Business Services
Advice for Business Activities (September 2010)
Dedicated to providing professional Business Services in China

Main Categories are outlined below:

1. Future - Investment & Internships
2. Company Registration
3. Office Services
4. Starting Your Own Factory in China
5. Sourcing
6. Import and Export Services
7. Design Services
8. Trade Visits and Fairs
9. Translation Services
10. China or Bust (TV Programme)

We also offer:
• Corporate Training
• Team Building & Leadership Courses
• Visa Service
• Drivers Licence
• Company Web Presentation
• Directory Listings
• Outsourcing Services
• Gold, Diamond, Raw Materials Trading
• Investment Consultancy (Bar, Gold Mine, Real Estate)
• Immigration Service (Canada, USA, Australia)
• Employment Consultancy
• Language Study (Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Spanish)
• Budget: Flights, Hotels, Travel
Image: A Chinese Girl

1. Business Investment, Opportunities, and Internships

Entrepreneurs and aware companies are looking to the future of investing their time and money in China - the single major economy to have withstood the recent world financial crisis.

Others are seeking partners, either inside China, or for foreign based co-operation investment strategies. Global markets can no longer ignore China's rise to become the world's second largest economy.

Enlightened university students are also seizing the opportunities offered in China's future by taking internships with Chinese enterprise. They also realize that speaking Chinese is not enough, they also need to learn how to actually do real business in China.

Any student pondering their future in this ever-shrinking world should have a very considered look at CRCC Internships. Knowing how to conduct oneself in a Chinese office or business environment is an essential tool for the persons future prospects and prosperity.
Image: Made in China
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2. Company Registration

Image: Wen and Singh
A. "Out of the box"
Complete Chinese Company Incorporation Packages
• Takes just 2 weeks!

B. "Mix and Match"
Personalised Solutions

Whichever your personal flavour - we make it for you specifically

Your Own Company in China (Or Hong Kong)
   • WOFE or RO
(Wholly Owed Foreign Enterprise or Registered Office)
   • Registered: China or Hong Kong or Both
   • HSBC Company and/or Private Bank Account (HK)
* Law Consultancy
   • Check Your Contracts, Legal Advice
* Accounting / Service Reporting
* Notary Service
* Office premises (Fully furnished & Equipped)
* Staff
* Includes Chinese Work Permit (Z visa)
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For immediate advice please contact Nancy Li:
Image - ChinaBiz21_Logo Contact
  Nancy Li
2206 Citic Plaza, Guangzhou ... (Also Hong Kong & Shenzhen)
+86 020 2831 3523
+86 135 600 73294
+86 020 2831 3554 - 3523 and 020 2831 3556

3. Office Services

Smaller enterprises and those looking at purchasing Chinese products for the first time are unlikely to have any Office Services apart from those supplied by your hotel. Good though these can be, you may prefer to have your own dedicated office in China?

As an Outsider, this will cost you a lot of money = Buy a Registered Representative Office plus add staff and equipment, etc. We can offer full or partial Office Services directly on either a continuous or per visit basis - and at very realistic prices!

The convenience of having your own private office, staff, and associated technology can be very cost-effective, comforting, and free you to do the business which is the life-blood of your company.
Image: If your 'Chinese Office' resembles this hotel room, then you need local assistance - Click to Enlarge
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4. Starting Your Own Factory in China

Image: ShenZhou V1
Many companies and entrepreneurs have considered this as a very viable alternative to relying on local representatives and direct contact with manufacturers. If it were that easy then everybody would be doing it!

Again we exclude large multi-national conglomerates, who have their own resources for accomplishing this. Rather we focus on the realities for smaller businesses, draw on experience from those who have managed to do it, and offer on the ground support and advice

The theory is quite simple and straightforward, but in practice you will find yourself dealing with people with different cultural beliefs and daily practices. The most worrying aspect is that you will normally need to use Chinese partners in some form, and they will probably not speak any English (They may not even speak Mandarin for that matter!).

The reality is that you often find yourself committing a large sum of money basically on 'Trust' of people you do not know, and cannot understand! It is a leap of faith which is very well documented by the TV program mentioned below "China or Bust".

China Expats have experience that can help you directly, and also ease your worries about how Chinese go about developing new business relationships and partnerships
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5. Sourcing

Image of Chinese President Hu Jintao
If you are under the impression that simply attending a Trade Fair and placing an order will solve all your Sourcing needs in China, then you may be lucky first-time.

Normally there are far better bargains to be obtained from other suppliers - but quality can be a major component requiring frequent factory visits and QA.

The key to success is to work with a Chinese partner.

China Expats are highly regarded Sourcing experts and can supply the exact products you require. We will even provide our own independent QA personnel on the factory floor to ensure your order is validated, and subject items to testing as required (Toilets especially!)

Whether you use China Expats Sourcing Services, or do it yourself, please see our Sourcing section linked below, which gives free advice and information regarding all aspects of Sourcing, QA, Scheduling, and Contracts with downloadable examples
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6. Import and Export Services

This section is mainly dedicated to the things you need to know about making International trade actually happen physically. It includes advice and descriptions of situations encountered by others, (Before they came to us), who now use China Expats Sourcing and Export Services - who have kindly allowed us to reproduce these for your future benefit
We also tell you how it really is! Payment in RMB, US Dollars etc and how to do it. Chinese Export taxes - is your current Agent ripping you of for 11% tax? Fast ships, slow ships, UK port charges vs services, etc

China Expats also employs the services of an extremely good and efficient Chinese Export Agent. During 2008 we sourced and organised the export of dozens of containers. Several were very complex (Mixed goods, differing tax bands, over 30 major product categories, with hundreds of sub-categories). Our Agent was unfazed, and UK Agents wrote to compliment us on our extremely good paperwork
Image: Chinese container exports - Click to Enlarge
Having precise paperwork is more important when goods reach your home country, especially for containers carrying mixed goods, different tax thresh-holds, and attractive items. Until you are established (Several years), expect UK Customs to X-Ray 50% of your containers at a cost to you of £900 per time = Their Pleasure! Sounds like an unofficial Tax to us, but it also means you wait several days for the pleasure of paying them the money to do this for you, before they release your goods.
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7. Design Services

"Is your mind right"? Image: Chinese 'Eco-Bubble Car'
Sometimes what you think you want is not what you actually need...
... China is fast emerging as the World's leading implementer of Green Technology

China Expats employ's two teams of Designers:
* Team One specialises in large Project work, such as Designing a complete Hotel interior from Architects Drawings, and delivery includes scale details of every nook and cranny + fully sourced interiors and the products themselves. You would normally expect these projects to take several years to complete, and are usually of at least 100 x 40'HQ Containers
* Team Two offers more personal design services, from a simple new bathroom, up to an apartment block. This team can also provide Architectural Drawings and Services. Again, the Team will supply all products, or you can specify your own favoured Brands

To distinguish between the two teams, lets say that Team One delivers complete Hotels; whilst Team Two can offer 3D Studio + Max video walk through
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8. Trade Visits and Fairs:

Image: Car and man jumping fire ring from roof
Canton Fair & Similar, or personal Chinese company visit:
Large and Global companies will sort this before your arrival, via your PA, International Travel Services, etc. We can offer excursions and personal services in Guangdong (Or Greater China) - including private driver, personal translator, short and city breaks, etc.

If you are Boss of a small company, or Sole Trader, then we can certainly provide more than you can imagine, all at local prices and tailored to your own business needs and personal welfare. Basically we can organise everything in China on your behalf: Meet and greet at airport, transfers, hotels, food, private driver for business meeting and Trade Fair visits, Translators, sight-seeing on any free days, evening entertainment + return to airport at end of visit

China Expats can also supply and equip an Office for you, or alternatively provide you with full or partial Office Services for the duration of your trip. Please ask for details via our contact form, stating "Office Services" in the subject line

We also employ the services of an Export Agent, and a Corporate Lawyer (Check your contracts and ensure there are no nasty surprises in the Chinese small-print)
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9. Translation Services

Image: 'Renminbe' Made in China
China Expats offers business translation services for many major languages. Currently we offer English with: Chinese (Both Traditional and Simplified), Russian, French, and International Spanish - please click below for details.

We also provide Personal Translators and Guides for visits of course
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10. China or Bust 

Image: Tony Opens His New Factory in China
This was a TV programme I inadvertently happened to stumble across last week (Sunday, 14th December 2008). It was aired by Pearl TV (TVB) from Hong Kong, and documented the harrowing processes 3 Brit's endured whilst trying to set up assorted enterprises in China. The programme title is "China or Bust"

You have no idea just how true to life this programme was, nor how different these situations could have been - given a little advice and reassurance. We are currently awaiting Pearl TV to reply to my contact, hopefully with a link for viewing. Meanwhile you can read a brief summary here:
* Click for full details  
This information is as supplied by the Chinese Expats Ltd, as dated 30th August 2010, in association with CRCC Asia Ltd, and/or other reliable sources. Please check this information yourself as it may alter without notice, and whilst we try our best to ensure it is correct, please do not hold us responsible for any errors - this is intended as a simple guide only
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